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Breaking Point (I-Team Series #5)

Breaking Point - Pamela Clare *re-read, July 7th, 2013.*“Forgotten about you?” He caught her chin, forced her to make eye contact, his gaze flashing anger, then slowly going gentle. “That would never happen. Never.”Oh Zack and I will never forget you too! This book was just AMAZING! And I am so incredibly stupid for giving up on this series after book one. So, so, so very stupid The storyOn the way to a journalism convention in Mexico, Natalie's bus gets stopped by the Zetas, and they kill every Mexican reporter on it, while Natalie gets kidnapped. Zack is being held by the Zetas and tortured for information, and his cell ends up right next to Natalie's. Even though he'd given up on himself, he still tries to help her get out any way he can, so they make a run for it together She thinks he's a criminal, involved in drugs, while he's in fact a deputy U.S. marshal, but he can't tell her that, of course The most of the story is them running through Mexico, trying to get home in one piece, and I totally loved it! It was full of action from page one, lots of torturing, killing, running, having sex, falling in love, running again, getting saved, having sex some more and so on She met his gaze again. “Please don’t let me down, Zach. I do not want to die out there in the desert.”He drew her into his arms and held her close, partly to reassure her and partly because he couldn’t help himself. “If you die, angel, it means I’m already dead.”NatalieShe has a sad story in the background which I'm not going to tell because you just have to read it in the book. But what I will say, it involves a dead fiance, and she never got over him. She finds herself in a cell, faced with possible rape and murder, and her only salvation could be the criminal next door, Zack They manage to escape, but there's still the worst to come, going through the desert toward the American border She trusts him, even though he's a criminal, and they get attached pretty quickly. I really liked her, and the attitude she had with Zack when he told her they can't be together ZackHe is a deputy U.S. marshal, working undercover, and been almost a week in Zeta's hands, being tortured. He knew it was over, that they'd kill him soon, but then came Natalie. He just couldn't give up, and did everything he could to get them out. *swoon* He is just magnificent! I can't say how much I adored him He is still troubled by his time in the Afghan war, and is basically blaming himself for being alive Natalie's the one who shows him he is worth it Oh yes, one more thing Zack is not a man of many words, but he seems to like one in particular when it comes to Natalie can you guess? Yes, it's "beautiful" Babs, I'm gonna kill you, every time he said it I was in laughs Here's one of my fav Zack quotes, love his inner monologue "She looked up at him, a hint of uncertainty in her eyes. “I’m probably not very good at this, but I want to taste you.”The idea of his erection in her mouth shorted out his brain.“Okay,” he said, stupidly.Okay? Holy hell, McBride, you stupid idiot!It was more than okay."The ending was just a wee bit sweet for me, but the action before it! Wow. I had tears in my eyes! One of my fav scenes is with the car bomb. Tears there too. I guess I'm an action slut, cause I loved every minute of it here Just a great book, so glad I read it, now I'm definitely going back to the previous books even though I broke my own rule of reading out of order *second read, buddy with Rach

Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld 7)

The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter " aren’t what you believe you are. You aren’t what everyone else believes. You might have delivered countless deaths but you love more fiercely than anyone I’ve ever known. You give of yourself with no thoughts to your own happiness."Awesome book. Made me cry too. If only there was no Legion in it :(Aeron and Paris see a woman screaming and running toward their fortress.She is screaming for Aeron.Thinking her a Bait, Paris goes to check the situation, but even though he knows it might be a trap, Aeron is compelled to help her.Olivia is the angel that's been following Aeron for months, and now she has fallen, her wings torn off, her body completely human and wounded from escaping from Hell.She has done it all to save Aeron's life, for refusing to kill him herself. Even though he knows what sacrifice she's made, Aeron still doesn't want her near him, but he can't stay away from her himself.The war between Hunters and the Lords is progressing, and when they find out that Olivia is the one that can help them, Aeron will be forced to work with her, and she will force him to show her all she's been missing in Heaven.She wants to have fun ;)Faced with a choice to either kill Aeron, or become fallen, Olivia decided to follow her heart and seek refuge with the Lords, and of course, Aeron.All does not go according to plan, for Aeron doesn't care about her or what she did to save him, he just wants her as far from him as possible.That doesn't work because Olivia does whatever's necessary to keep him with her, and to make him show her fun and passion.----------------------------I think Olivia might be my new favorite heroine from this series :DShe is pretty different from the others, and her seduction attempts were completely hilarious! Olivia is basically clueless, but learns fast, and she is convinced she is right for Aeron even though he pushes her away all the time :)))I admit I didn't expect what happened in the end, or near the end with her (concerning Galen) but seriously, it makes sense with everything that's been going on, for someone to suffer occasionally. They can't always win big time (even though they somehow always do :( )He carries the demon of Wrath, one that seeks justice and wants to hurt everyone that has sinned somehow.Imagine how awesome it must feel to the demon to be close to Olivia, an angel who has never ever sinned :DDDAeron is one lucky bastard ;) He just doesn't know it :DHe is convinced he will hurt every person he gets involved with, and that of course means he has to get Olivia away from him, especially because of the angel Lysander's threats.But soon, he will no longer be able to stop himself from caring for her, no matter the threat or the consequences.----------------------------First you have to know that I started this series and read four books with totally disliking Aeron. I really didn't feel anything for him, and I certainly wasn't looking forward to his book, well maybe when I read book four, there were some hints and he was getting better, but still.I did not like him.Now?Love. Seriously.Maybe it's because I love the jerkish types and he was it for the first half.Maybe it was the heroine drawing the best out of him.Maybe cause this is the hottest book in the series so far.Anyway, loved his character and what he did in the end, it made me freaking cry!! :((“I think I’ll stay here.” And you’ll like it, she projected to him. Some people didn’t know what they needed to achieve happiness. Clearly, Aeron was one of them. She’d just have to instruct him, as she’d already planned.----------------------------Concentrate. Question her. Yes. That’s what he’d do. No stripping her. Unless her clothes were too tight, then he would be doing her a favor, removing them and helping her breathe.Concentrate, damn you.----------------------------“Fuckers,” William grumbled in his ear. “Those two are mine. They went for my sweet, innocent little kidneys.”There was nothing sweet or innocent about William. Not even his kidneys.This would have been my first 5 star rating for this series... if only there wasn't a character named Legion in it.I couldn't stand her before, can't stand her now, and honestly her whole relationship with Aeron (even before) was UBER-freaky and weird. I don't care if he thinks of her as a daughter, it's just weird! Plus, everything she did in this book just got on my nerves cause she's just a total b*tch! OMG! So yes, I'm sorry cause I totally loved this book but I just can't give it 5 stars cause Legion irritated the sh*t out of me :((((((BUT!That scene at the end with her was great, and I think I could stand her only if she keeps that attitude :DOK that's done, on to the next bit...This is the hottest book in the series. I am very happy cause it looks like the author is getting better at writing the sex and it was really yummy here, totally loved it :)The big storyline in the series is moving on as well, the artifact thing, and for some reason I am thinking she's gonna make Galen a good guy in the end and I don't want that. I hate that she always has to make everything turn out good and great.William!!!!!!!! Ok now I seriously can't wait for his book!!!! OMG that little teaser was wicked and I'm hoping he'll be with her in the end :DDD I can't wait!!!!!!!Gideon!!!!!! Now that was interesting!!!!! Can't wait for his book, I think it's next!The ending... It made me cry. Really did, it was uber emotional.But!I don't like it how everything has to be perfect. It isn't believable in the universe they live in, that every single time everything ends completely fantastic and great and uber happy.I am a HEA girl but I don't need everything that sugared up, this is a PNR series that's pretty dark and gah, I guess for me it just isn't believable. And so, this was an almost-5-star read, but I still loved it and I'm uber-happy to still be into this series after five books :)))


Perfect - Judith McNaught DNF after 200 pages.You know, I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to books.I don't mind if they first do it at 70%.They don't even have to do it at all.I don't mind if the story progresses slowly.It doesn't have to progress at all.AS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHER!!!!!Separations in the book I just don't like, ever!In this one, the hero and the heroine didn't even meet until page 150!I mean, THAT much detail about their pasts is really, REALLY not necessary. I could give you a recap of everything that you need to know in a couple of sentences.Anyway, I thought I could continue after they've actually met but by then I completely lost interest in it and now I simply don't care about the book at all.I had the same problem in the first book from this series and I thought it would be different, but sadly, no. So here's me saying goodbye forever to Judith McNaught's contemporaries :)

Naked Edge (I-Team Series #4)

Naked Edge - Pamela Clare Pleeeeeease please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease......can I have a Gabe of my very own?I'll be a good girl, yes I will! I'll even jump off a cliff so he can rescue me! See? I've got it all planned out! I'll even get some deranged badass villain to try to kill me a few times just so I could end up in Gabe's apartment, with him looking over me Whatever it takes, he's.. just... THAT... good You know, sometimes a badass heroine is great. She can kick the bad guys' asses herself, doesn't need constant rescuing by the hero and all that stuff.BUT.Sometimes I just love to read about a normal girl, and the hero actually having a chance to be one, rescuing and comforting and taking care of her and being the shoulder to cry on and all. It gets me all swoony In this book, we get the vulnerable girl, and the bravest and selfless of heroes, just the perfect combination
Embattled Minds (Lost and Found, #2) - J.M. Madden "He was so solid and strong beneath her fists. It felt like the world could be falling down around them and he would still hold her safely above everything. A warrior battling back the nightmares."This was such a wonderful book
In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley Not reading.These quotes are the reason why :D"I’m going to tie you to my bed and take your hymen."..............bwahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahah“Now lift up your skirt and stroke the petals of your sex lightly.” Seriously??? He says that???Dude...*PS, I might read it for the laughs, OMG this book has some awful quotes ahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahah**Thanks Ruth woman you are awesome ahahhahahahhahahhahah*

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz Well I hope so!*keeping fingers crossed*This is a story of two soulmates trying to find each other...I have to say that I'm really surprised I enjoyed this book so much, and I am uber-excited about the other two books, especially Shane's POV! OMG I can't wait!!!The storyIn this book we get Grace's POV, and slowly learn about her past, who she is, and who she's looking for.After the death of her brother, Grace goes to her best friend Lea, the only person in the world who knows her secret.There she meets Shane, the lead singer of the Mad World band, a guy that is pure perfection, except for his one night stands and millions of grupies wanting to have sex with him.But that doesn't matter anyway because all Grace wants is to find her soul mate, the one she's been looking for for centuries.The writingThis book had so much errors it isn't even funny. It could do with a good editor. A really really really good editor.I'm half illiterate and I noticed them, so I'm guessing there are even more that I didn't notice :DAnyway, it could use some polishing and I'd love to see that happen cause it really has potential to be a fantastic book after it's done :DDThe story and dialogue were interesting and it made me love the book even with the less than stellar writing, so that's saying something :DGraceFirst of all, you have to know that Grace has an awesome personality!She is so funny and I just loved reading about her, which is a plus since this book is in her POV.Her dates with Tucker were hilarious and the sushi bar scene is my favorite :DDDDBUT!As for her intellect, she is pretty much stupid as hell.Seriously, for someone who has lived for centuries, she is uber-dumb.I mean, she's looking for her "The One" guy, and is willing to give a chance to a slimeball like Tucker, who makes her sick to her stomach, and refuses to even contemplate the possibility that it could be someone who attracts her like crazy, someone who she can't stop thinking about, someone who she wants and someone who wants her back.No that would be stupid and wouldn't make any sense at all, right????????*sigh*That's the one thing that bothered me here, she took everyone into the equation for her possible soulmate, except one guy.ShaneHe is amazing :)Although I am not a fan of rock stars and such in books, I loved Shane here!!

Chase the Storm

Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt DNF at 70%The first 30% I really liked, they were awesome, but as it went on I just stopped being invested in the characters and they sorta started getting on my nerves :(At 50% I started skimming and at 70% I got to thinking: "Will this book never end????"That's when I decided to DNF.The writing style here is pretty great so that wasn't what bothered me, I guess this is the situation: it's not the book, it's me. I lost interest and oh well, can't get it back now :(((

Forged in Steele

Forged in Steele - Maya Banks "Jesus Christ, woman, I'm a goddamn walking hard-on around you. Haven't you ever noticed?""N-no," she stammered out."You're an idiot," he repeated.I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet :DSteele ...was awesome here. Just awesome, even though for him being the silent type, he sure did talk a lot in this one. And express his feelings a lot in this one. A lot! But he was uber-funny cause he was so uber-direct ahahah hilarious :DDDDThe woman I don't even remember her weird name anymore, she was Ok I guess ahahahah although I wish she got kidnapped more often ahahhahah :DDThe suspense I loved all the action bits here, they were great, but even though it says this book is rom-suspense, I can't really see it. Some ordinary contemporary books have more suspense than this.The book as a whole isn't suspenseful at all, there are a couple of scenes that have suspense and a bit of action and that is it :)The non-suspense part of the book That is actually 2/3 of it where nothing really happens, and I mean nothing, it is all just the two of them and their relationship and talking and having sex :)The romance ...was absolutely lovely and I did love Steele and everything about him, especially how he behaved toward his woman (still don't remember her name), and the ending brought a tear to my eye

Edible (Exquisite, #3)

Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank “I want you naked and in my bed, and I want it in the next two minutes.”“Or?” she pushed.“Rachel?”“Yes?”“There is no or,” he informed her as his serious eyes met hers. “Just do it.”Awesome.Seriously.I was dying to get to Cole's story and people, it was worth the wait!!He is perfection!!!

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1)

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) - R.L. Mathewson Here's how it all went for me...1. I started reading the bookThe first thing I read was the Author's note that said she won't make cliffies in this series.Dear Author:2. I started reading the actual book LOLFirst thing you have to know is that I had absolutely NO IDEA what the book was about. So everything was a surprise, especially when I finally found out what it's about.Shocker!!!! 3. I met ShayneHe is the bestest ever :D I seriously love that guy, he's hilarious and can't wait for his book!!!!!4. TristanFirst of all, I love the name. LOVE!Second, I love that he was a jerk. LOVE!He kinda changed in the second half of the book but I'll talk more about it later :)But overall he was great :))))5. MartyShe was Ok but pretty irritating in the first half of the book :(Oh well. 6. The feel of the bookThis book had me goingvery often :DOverall I really enjoyed it, but it is kinda confusing considering the book totally changes in the second half, it's like those are two books merged into one. Just totally different, even the characters are totally different, it's like it had no connection with the first half :(But both parts have the good stuff, like meeting Shayne's family :DD even though confusing, it was still fun :D7. The endingThe last bit of the book made me cry :(((But it was still a wonderful ending, with a teaser for the next book!!! I can not wait!!!!!!!8. OverallThis is more a 3,5 star rating, but I'm rounding it to 4 because I absolutely loved the beginning and almost all the first half of the book, and the ending made me cry and it was great too :)))I am definitely going to continue with the series and can't wait for the next book to come out :))))*buddy read with Rach, Shelly and V*

Heart of Darkness: The Darkest AngelLove Me to DeathLady of the Nile

Heart of Darkness: The Darkest AngelLove Me to DeathLady of the Nile - 'Gena Showalter',  'Maggie Shayne',  'Susan Krinard' *this review is only for the LOTU novella*This is a shortie from the LOTU series about the golden-winged angel Lysander and a harpy named Bianka :)I liked it, but it was nothing special, worth the read only for the little teaser for book five, and the oil-wrestling scene :DLysander forms a plan to get rid of his temptation, and that is to kidnap it and train it to become like him.For an angel, the guy is uber-thick in the head ;)His temptation is Bianka the harpy, and his plan backfires when he realises he can't change the way she is, she is too strong willed :DBianka wants to punish him for taking her to his cloud, but that punishment somehow ends up as a seduction :DShe was fun, but I can't really say I liked her :DShe kinda got on my nerves a lot :D Oh well.I did love the scene when he made Lysander and Paris oil wrestle :DD Best one in this novella :DLysander is one of the Elite Seven angels, he has golden wings and is from the warrior class.He is tempted by Bianka, can't get he out of his head, and the only solution he can think of is to take her and train her to be good like him.Brilliant ;)He was petty great, but still kind of an idiot at the end ahahahha “Are you an angel?” she asked when she was once again in front of him.“Yes.” No hesitation. As if his heritage wasn’t something to be ashamed of.Poor guy, she thought with a shudder. Clearly he had no idea the crappy hand he’d been dealt. -------------------------------She wanted to stab him the moment she saw him. Then set him on fire. Then scatter his ashes in a pasture where lots of animals roamed. He deserved to be smothered by several nice steaming piles.This was an Ok read and I don't regret reading it because I learned more about angels and Olivia appears here, she's the heroine in book five :)Can't wait to read it :)))Btw one thing is kinda weird, listen to this:1. Gwen is a harpy, a descendant of Lucifer2. Sabin used to work for the Greek gods, now he works for the Titans.3. Sabin is possessed by a demon=They get married in a chapel.O.o Seriously?bwahahahhahahhhahahahhahahahhahah
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks - Josh Lanyon A spooky house+A ghost/dead body+Yellow socks+Two guys solving the mystery=Awesome book with awesome writing and awesome mystery!The writing... I really loved it, especially the mystery part because this guy can WRITE!It's witty and clever, funny and so intriguing, I couldn't wait to find out who the bad guy is :)The romance part... Hmm it is the reason I'm giving it 4 instead of 5 stars :(The chemistry is GREAT between them, really is, and that part I liked, but then when they hooked up... For one it was so sudden, I was like this:I guess I didn't expect it and for some reason it felt awkward to me :((Honestly I'd like it better if it was only with the chemistry :DI guess I am weird :DDOverall... I totally enjoyed this one, I couldn't put it down for a second and I am definitely recommending it to every mystery fan out there :)

The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld Series #4)

The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter Her gaze skittered away from him. “It was okay, I guess.”He popped his jaw. It was okay. She guessed. She f*cking guessed. By gods, he’d give her another demonstration.This is my favorite LOTU so far :) Great book with the first half of it being absolutely amazing

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2)

The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland, #2) - Kristen Ashley "I gave up a world for you." One of my absolute favorites, especially by Kristen Ashley

The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, Book 3)

The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter "He was dark, she was light. He was anguish, she was innocence. He was wrong for her in every way, and yet, when she looked at him, his entire world felt right."Another great book from the LOTU series, finally we get Reyes's story and it was awesome :)))Danika is still on the run from the Lords, and now even from Hunters who are trying to capture her.Aaeron's demon has taken over him and wants nothing else than to kill Danika's entire family, so Reyes and the other Lords have to keep him restrained until they figure out how to break his bloodlust.After Lucien finds out that Hunters have taken Danika, the Lords decide to free her, and Reyes takes her under his protection.Even though there is a possibility that she's actually a Bait, Reyes doesn't really care and he protects her from everyone :)The real plot starts when they find out Danika could be the key for finding the lost artifacts and the Box.Danika is willing to do anything to save her family, even if it means betraying Reyes and the Lords. After so much time on the run, she's made sure she is able to protect herself the best she can. She has a special ability (I guess all of them do), and it is something she isn't aware of, but what could be the key at finding the Box :)Anyway, she is drawn to Reyes and feels safe with him, even though he's one of the Lords, and after finding out which demon he has inside of him, she wants to be the one who takes care of his pain eheheheheheh-------------------------------Well Danika is a great character, I really liked her :D Oh and my favorite parts with her were when she was jealous ahahhaha that was awesome, and later on when she wanted to hurt Reyes while having sex because that was what he needed :))) the knife in the shoulder scene was epic ahahahhaHe is possessed by Pain, and only feels pleasure when he hurts himself.For months now, he ca't get Danika out of his head, and is obsessed with protecting her from his friend Aeron who wants to kill her.After rescuing her from the Hunters, he can't stay away anymore :DHis demon wants Danika as well, and he's afraid he'll get her hooked on giving and receiving pain like he did with his previous lovers, but Danika wants to give him everything he needs, awesome woman that she is :)-------------------------------I loved Reyes, I really did, from the first book and in all three so far :)Most of all I love it that he's so smart! OMG I was so glad when he figured some important stuff pretty early on and all by himself! The scene when he's in the bathroom masturbating with the help of a knife, and she catches him ahahhahahha OMG best scene in the book :DDD“Hate you,” she said, wishing she meant it.“I know.” He whispered directly in her ear, his warm breath traveling inside. “Sleep now, angel. You are safe. I will allow nothing else to happen to you.”-------------------------------“I did come here to find a woman,” he said.Danika bit the inside of her cheek, blood filling her mouth.“I found one,” he added.Motherfucker! The curse echoed through her mind, white-hot, searing. “I’m so glad,” she gritted out. “ I hope the two of you had a fun time.” I hope she gave you an STD and you both die from it!-------------------------------No one threatened her family and lived. And Reyes was her family.Well, these books just keep getting better and better, and I'm really glad for it :)This one was great, the story pretty interesting even though there wasn't much happening until the second half of the book, but still :)The romance is amazing, Danika and Reyes are a great couple and I loved the slow build of it through the book :)Aeron is still "meh" for me, but I'm thinking it'll get better in the next book because of what happened here :)I have a suspicion about Torin and Cameo, in the last two books they were spending a lot of time together and even laughing!! And she is very protective of him and he of her. I am very curious how their relationship will work :))))William is awesome, a great side character :))And I am probably the only person ever who has read this series but doesn't fell a thing about Paris/Sienna relationship.I don't know why, I feel bad for him, but I don't really want him with Sienna, nor do I buy the whole love between them, well him only actually. I guess I am weird that way. Oh, and I can't wait for Gideon's book!!! ahahhahaha that one is gonna be awesome, I'm thinking :DDDI think that is it hmmmm Anyway, really liked this one, can't wait for all the others :))))

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