The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire)

The Marriage Bargain  - Jennifer Probst This was a lovely read :)Just what I needed, something light, funny and romantic.Alexa needs money to save her family house, and Nick needs a wife so he could inherit his family business. The funny thing is, she makes a list what her perfect husband should be like, and he does the same for his "to-be" wife XD Needless to say they are complete opposites, the only thing they actually agree on is that they need to marry each other. And so the fun starts XD They are attracted to each-other, but they fight it because neither wants to get involved, eventually of course they do :)It was nice to watch Nick change during the novel, he keeps himself distant, wants no family, no love, no childern, but essentially craves it. Alexa is vulnerable cause she always had a thing for him and she fears she'll fall in love if they get too close to each other.It was a nice ending, they both overcame their differences, even kept the dog