Frigid - J Lynn A story about best friend secretly in love Kyler and Sydney have been best friends ever since they were kids, and secretly in love with each other ever since they were teenagers.They get trapped in a house at the ski-resort during a snow storm, which forces them to spend time with each other, and to admit to their feelings.I've kept the story thing short cause honestly, you don't need to know anything more before you start this book, and second point, nothing much happens in it anyway ahhahh :DDDSydneyShe's been in love with Kyler forever, and it's getting more difficult seeing him over and over again with his string of one night stands.When she's forced to spend time alone with him, she can't deny how she feels anymore...How I liked her...Difficult to describe because on one hand, I felt really bad for her every time there was a misunderstanding between them, one scene made me cry :((( But on the other hand, it could all be avoided if she only used a bit of her brain instead of jumping to conclusions :(((KylerHe's been in love with Sidney forever, always thinking he's not good enough for her :(((But then, for him, no one is good enough for Sidney :DWhen they get trapped during the storm, he'll find that he can't fight his attraction...How I loved him...Easy to describe cause I loved him a lot