Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart - Sarah MacLean Beautiful! Absolutely loved it This book has it all! Two wonderful main characters, a great story, witty dialogue, sensual and hot love scenes, swoony and break-my-heart emotional moments and a beautiful happy ending A great story:Running away from a drunken idiot trying to maul her, Juliana tries to hide in a carriage. But she is soon discovered, not by the drunken idiot, but by the Duke of Leighton, aka The Duke of Disdain. He thinks she's there to trap him in marriage, and that only lessens his opinion of her. Soon after, Simon finds himself promising Ralston to look after Juliana, in hope he might prevent her from starting any more scandals. That, of course, doesn't work Juliana issues a challenge, 2 weeks in which she can show Simon that passion is more important than reputation. Who will win? Two wonderful main charactersJuliana is fiery and temperamental, she always says what's on her mind, and doesn't follow etiquete that much Being the daughter of a woman who abandoned her and her brothers, thus making the scandal of all scandals, Juliana fears that she may be like her mother because she too (although unwillingly) causes heaps of scandal Simon is more than ever forced to protect his reputation, now that his sister is about to give birth and cause the scandal of the year. He can't afford anything to blemish his status in society, and that's why he must marry someone with impeccable reputation. Someone that ISN'T Juliana. If he could only convince himself of it. He's drawn to her and her passion, and although he wants to prove that life isn't all about having fun, he finds he likes it, especially if it involves Julianna's kisses Witty dialogueI just love SM's writing And this was just wonderful to read, their banter and fights That's why I know I'll read everything this author publishes in the future. No matter the story, I know I'll enjoy the writing Sensual and hot love scenesThe chemistry between them was great even though there weren't that many love scenes () they were still very hot and sparks were flying all over in this book :)Swoony and break-my-heart emotional momentsBest swoony scene was when Simon saves Juliana from drowning in the lake just lovely break-my-heart emotional, oh there were a few of those, but the one that most stuck to my mind was the one when Juliana's mother returns and she's in the stables all heartbroken and sad, and Simon comforts her A beautiful happy endingIt was perhaps a bit too sweet for my taste but it was wonderful, loved the fact that it was Simon who did the big scandal, going after her in the ballroom at the end of the book, and it broke my heart when she left but then it was all hearts and flowers of course, a book like this has to have a HEA So my conclusion is a big fat 5 star rating