Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1)

Fall From Grace (Mad World, #1) - Christine Zolendz Well I hope so!*keeping fingers crossed*This is a story of two soulmates trying to find each other...I have to say that I'm really surprised I enjoyed this book so much, and I am uber-excited about the other two books, especially Shane's POV! OMG I can't wait!!!The storyIn this book we get Grace's POV, and slowly learn about her past, who she is, and who she's looking for.After the death of her brother, Grace goes to her best friend Lea, the only person in the world who knows her secret.There she meets Shane, the lead singer of the Mad World band, a guy that is pure perfection, except for his one night stands and millions of grupies wanting to have sex with him.But that doesn't matter anyway because all Grace wants is to find her soul mate, the one she's been looking for for centuries.The writingThis book had so much errors it isn't even funny. It could do with a good editor. A really really really good editor.I'm half illiterate and I noticed them, so I'm guessing there are even more that I didn't notice :DAnyway, it could use some polishing and I'd love to see that happen cause it really has potential to be a fantastic book after it's done :DDThe story and dialogue were interesting and it made me love the book even with the less than stellar writing, so that's saying something :DGraceFirst of all, you have to know that Grace has an awesome personality!She is so funny and I just loved reading about her, which is a plus since this book is in her POV.Her dates with Tucker were hilarious and the sushi bar scene is my favorite :DDDDBUT!As for her intellect, she is pretty much stupid as hell.Seriously, for someone who has lived for centuries, she is uber-dumb.I mean, she's looking for her "The One" guy, and is willing to give a chance to a slimeball like Tucker, who makes her sick to her stomach, and refuses to even contemplate the possibility that it could be someone who attracts her like crazy, someone who she can't stop thinking about, someone who she wants and someone who wants her back.No that would be stupid and wouldn't make any sense at all, right????????*sigh*That's the one thing that bothered me here, she took everyone into the equation for her possible soulmate, except one guy.ShaneHe is amazing :)Although I am not a fan of rock stars and such in books, I loved Shane here!!