Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1)

Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards Watch this. Please. It will explain perfectly the quality of porn erotica here, it's a porn trailer parody.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf2Zc0BeNSoOde to Kaleb's hard onThou art magnificent in all your glory!I bask in your constant presenceand your ability to never...ever...drop.You react to a whisperYou react to a sighYou react to a lookYou react to a touchyou react to a womanYou react to a manYou react to a woman with a manYou react to a woman with two menYou basically react to every kind of sex possible!You react to nothing at allAnd you react to absolutely everything!You stick it hereYou stick it thereYou stick that hard on everywhere!Are you in one holeOr are you in the otherYou just really don't care!I am undeserving with my poor skillthis ode really sucksbut, my dear hard onyou will have your moment of glorywith all the quotes below...Kaleb's hard on really deserves to have an ode, because it's mentioned in the book constantly. I've selected some quotes about it, and these are just a VERY SMALL portion of all the mentioning, I left out the sex scenes (and those are 2/3 of the book).A sexy little grin tugged at the corners of Zoey’s mouth and just like every time he was around her, Kaleb felt a throb begin between his legs.......the throb that had started between his legs had turned into a full blown ache, and he damn sure wasn’t going to be able to sit there much longer with a hard on....That single touch had his c*ck raring to go, harder than granite and throbbing like a mother f*cker....The image of being buried inside of her, both of them naked and sweating flashed through his brain and his d*ck throbbed behind the irritating zipper of his jeans....Kaleb’s d*ck throbbed yet again....Just the thought of her had his c*ck throbbing in eager anticipation....Thinking about the amount of pleasure had from that one encounter and how Zoey was a more than willing participant, still made his c*ck throb....Kaleb wanted to deny it, but the proof was throbbing between his legs.......because the vibration of her moans lit him up from inside, his c*ck throbbing and threatening to explode....Just the thought of seeing Zoey again had his c*ck hard and in desperate need of release, but again, he didn’t have time. ...Zoey whimpered, and Kaleb’s c*ck swelled even more, which he wouldn’t have thought possible....His c*ck was rock hard and standing at full attention....Those f*ck me boots had his d*ck stirring in his slacks....Kaleb was able to see in her eyes and the hunger he glimpsed there had his d*ck pulsing. ...His d*ck was harder than granite, and his jeans had just become painfully tight....Zoey was wearing a tight blue jean skirt, short enough to make his eyes wander and his d*ck to rise to the occasion....When her eyes darted downward, his d*ck pulsed and jumped as though begging for her attention....The incessant pounding in his d*ck was the first telltale sign....Gage greeted Zoey and Kaleb’s d*ck suddenly went rock f*cking hard. ...His d*ck was in a constant state of awareness whenever he thought about her, so being around her was likely going to push his limits....Ok, so his d*ck knew exactly what to do with that thought, unfortunately, now was not the time, and this was certainly not the place....And to this day, he’d never so much as kissed her, and his d*ck knew it all too well....He had asked Zoey to go for a walk with him, only now he had a f*cking hard on that was making it damned difficult to stand, much less move....He tried not to dwell on how responsive she’d been to him by the truck because the all too familiar hard on she inspired was not appropriate with all these people around....First of all, he was doing his damnedest to hide the hard on he was sporting.And like I said, there are at least three times as much quotes about his hard on in the book :DDDDDNow let me tell you something about the book...The story is NON EXISTENT.There are the H/h who are friends and now they suddenly can't keep their hands off one another. The story is about them having as much kinky sex as they can.The whole Walker family This just sounds like a set-up for a cheesy porn. You know, seven hot brothers who all like to have sex with each other (with a female in between, let's stress that), threesomes, foursomes with their brothers and friends, kinky sex and who knows what, opening an exclusive sex club!!Bring on the porn music and bad actors! Sold as a porn movie script!The main characters are just... undeveloped. We know there's a he and a she and they do it and fall in love and all that sh*t, but damn. Could have been better. The beginning with them had potential, but it just got lost.For one, she doesn't pass as a woman who's been married and divorced. Just the thing about her marriage is one more that doesn't make any sense, but OK.Kaleb... I don't really know much about him, except that he has dark desires and likes kinky sex, and manages to somehow be shocked and unable to understand what's happening at every other chapter beginning. Oh well.The sex is the only thing worth reading here, it's pretty hot I have to admit, but it still lacked something, I don't know what. Maybe it was the fact that every time they do it, after a few thrusts he orders her: "COME FOR ME!" and she screams her lungs off. If it wasn't for the screaming, I wouldn't have known she enjoyed it, or the fact that every single time she came, he ordered her to it before she did. Still. Pretty hot, in a bad porn movie kind of way :DDDDThe writing is pretty damn horrible! I was rolling my eyes all the freaking time, some of the lines are just terribly cheesy, some unbelievable, and some so sweet I wanted to puke my guts out!!It is VERY REPETITIVE and dramatic! Some expressions were repeated over and over and over again. Hello! Use a dictionary and throw in something different now and then! And the drama here is beyond high.Here are some examples:Truer words had never been spoken because as Zoey turned to walk out of the bar with Kaleb, she was hammered with a sudden, overwhelming urge to... kiss him....The sudden desire to wish he were telling the truth was overwhelming as was the increasing awareness of him as way more than just her buddy....Zoey was pretty sure Kaleb continued to speak because she saw his lips move, but she was suddenly flooded with a wave of desire so strong the roaring in her ears drowned him out....She was suddenly enveloped in strong, muscled arms and overwhelmed by the all too familiar, highly intoxicating scent of the one man she wished hadn't just heard that comment....That insanely delicious scent of him overwhelmed her senses and nearly made her eyes cross....Maybe it was the distinct scent of Kaleb that overwhelmed her senses... ...Maybe it was possessiveness, an overwhelming urge to protect her, but he was swamped with emotion....She knew how he felt because she’d been overwhelmed by a number of emotions since the first time he kissed her just the day before....Her eyes darkened with the same overwhelming desire he felt every time he looked at her....Zoey was startled back from the overwhelming intensity when Kaleb began carrying her through the living room to her bedroom.I think this book should get the "How many times can you write the word 'overwhelmed' in a book" award!!!And just a few more quotes for the end :DAnd no matter what she thought she knew about him, Kaleb knew she didn’t understand the beast that prowled beneath his skin. The one that wanted more than her innocence could possibly fathom.There was a dark hunger that lived just beneath the surface and Zoey pushed every ounce of his control.OMG! Those dark hungers are driving me insane! Just say you like kinky and be done with it!!!His touch was like the warm and brilliant light of the sun, infusing her while chasing away all shadows of doubt that had plagued her the second her feet touched the floor.Reaching out, he took her hand, and it was then and there that Kaleb knew exactly what was going on between them. When she flinched like she had been burned, he was pretty damned sure she felt it, too. That spark of electricity that had nothing to do with static, and everything to do with something much more intimate.They were best friends for years, and only NOW do they realise the burning electricity between them? “Zoey...” He growled, “woman, you don’t know what you do to me.”When their eyes met, she felt the heat from the flame she saw burning there.He moved quickly to her side, pulling her into his arms and he was once again flooded by the emotions this one woman evoked in him. So many emotions, he didn’t know how to deal with them, and he couldn’t name each of them either.“I’m coming!”And as she did, her body propelled itself into the ether, every nerve ending ablaze with the ferocity of the way he used her body.And the ending is absolutely shocking!Not.It has a cliff! I simply MUST know what happens!Not!*buddy read with Glass, Miss, Iva, cupava.mala and Karen*