Forbidden (World of Nightwalkers Series #1)

Forbidden - Jacquelyn Frank Just one kiss on my lipsWas all it took to seal the futureJust one look from your eyesWas like a certain kind of tortureJust one touch from your handsWas all it took to make me falterOMG this was so great A blend of paranormal, ancient Egypt, pharaohs, and mythology Wow. Well, first you have to understand that I'm a big lover of ancient Egypt, and the myths and everything related to it. Well, not just Egypt, anything ancient is awesome to me and 'The Mummy' is my favorite movie of all time, that says a lot Ok now, back to the book!The mythologyWell, this was my first book by this author, and I was thrown in this world knowing NOTHING about anything damn :( but, lucky me, a lot of things were explained, and those that weren't I just went past them :D So, in this series, the mythology is Egyptian (love love love!!!). In ancient Egypt, the priests performed mummifications to preserve the body, and help the spirits cross to the afterlife. By chance they stumbled upon a way to keep the soul forever in the Ether, being able to return to the living world in another's body And basically, those people who were mummified are now either in the Ether or living among humans. How it works? Well, the two souls blend to one. Not totally, but there isn't one that is all there and another totally surpressed. There's a sort of partnership there. There are the bad guys (or course again), and they keep the original surpressed, so only one contience rules.Won't say more, it's all explained in the book (so well explained that even my puny brain could understand, so no worries )The storyAfter being thrown from a bridge and dying from the rocks and ice cold water, Docia finds herself in a strange place. The Ether. A woman approaches her and offers a second chance in life, the only thing she's to do is let the other person inside her, to act as a vessel in the living world. Docia accepts, of course She heals quite miraculously, and that attracts the attention of all the freaking bad guys who live there After being attacked in front of her own house, a stranger rescues her, a beautiful, strong, perfect, sexy, whatevergreatwordthereis stranger Having no other choice, she goes with him and his warrior friend to their safe house, where she begins to learn more about what happened to her and why everyone wants her dead DociaShe's a bit of a shy person, but makes up for it with her wit and sharp tongue :) The only family she has is her brother Jackson, and they are both strongly connected. After her "Ether experience", she doesn't remember anything, and can't really believe what those strange men are telling her. But one thing is for sure, she can't help but feel the incredible attraction between her and Ram, the man who rescued her I liked her A LOT. She has some very funny lines, and I liked her character, she was never boring :) But after the blending, it was all kind of weird, of course, that's to be expected, but I got used to her being one way, and she kinda changed. Oh well. RamHe carries the soul of an Egyptian pharaoh, and is fiercly loyal to his king, Menes. When Menes' wife, queen Hatshepsut arrives in the body of Dacia, he must protect her, as he had done for thousands of years. The only thing he didn't expect was this fire between them, every time they touched it burned brighter, untill he wasn't able to keep his hands off her. He's torn by his loyalty to his king, and his soul's yearning for this strange little female Dacia, forbidden to him His other personality is Vincent, an ex-navy SEAL, who has as much a strong personality as Ram :) Both of them are linked to Dacia, and they'll do anything to keep her at their side.The two persons in one body thingWell, it kind of bugged me at some points. There were essentially 4 people in those two bodies, all in love with each other. Hmmm. But I guess that's the way it goes, if the souls are blended/connected. Lucky me, I watched the show Stargate, there were Simboits there, quite similar to these, with two minds in one body. So now I'm cool with that The insta-loveNot a big fan of this one, but it was done really well here, it was like they knew each other for ages, and their souls were meant to be together, so yeah, surprisingly, wasn't bothered by that.And so, my conclusion is that I really really really liked this, there were some times when it was weird, but not enough to spoil anything and I want to read Jackson's book NOW!!!!!!!!! *and I can't believe I quoted Madonna here, but I wasn't allowed to put any quotes from this ARC :(**ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*