Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)

Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens Why I was hesitant to read this book:1. It has cheating in it2. It's UBER angsty (I'm not a fan of it)Why I DNF-ed?1. It wasn't because of the cheating2. It wasn't because of the angst (I haven't gotten that far)3. It was the characters. Absolutely all of them.First you have to know that this book has the most idiotic heroine ever to be written. I pray to God I'll never ever pick up a book with a similar heroine. Never ever. Please!!!!!Just to show you her thought process.Example:A five year old sees a lollipop. "Uuu. A lollipop. I want one."The five year old takes the lollipop. Eats the lollipop.The end.Kiera sees a lollipop."Uuu. A lollipop. It looks yummy. I want to eat it. But no, I have an ice-cream. I can't eat the lollipop. Mmmm I love my ice-cream. *lick* It's so tasty, I don't want to eat anything else ever again. But mmm that lollipop sure does look delicious. Maybe I can just have a little taste. It won't hurt anyone if I just try and see how it is. Right? *lick* Mmm that's a yummy lollipop. But no I am a bad person for wanting to try the lollipop. I will never try the lollipop ever again in my life. Oh my dear ice-cream, how I love you. *lick* Yes, I definitely love you better than the lollipop. But why do I keep thinking about the lollipop? I am too stupid to figure it out by myself, so I guess I'm gonna have to give it another lick cause I just can't help myself.*lick* Oh no I have done it again, noooooooo!! I am such a bad person, I am hurting both the lollipop and the ice-cream but I am so indecisive I know I will never be able to pick one. Oh ice-cream I love you, you'll never know about my secret desires to try something else.But while licking the ice-cream, I still keep thinking about the tasty lollipop. Why oh why is this happening to me! I must go and lick the lollipop some more because I can't help it! *lick*Nooo bad lollipop for making me want to lick it! I don't know what to doooooooo!!!!"And this is half of the first book.Kiera...Denny...Kellan...He was what made me DNF, unfortunately :((((Everyone said he would be worth reading and I really did like him in the beginning and felt sorry for him, but as the book went on, I just disliked him more and more, and at about 50% I got to a point where I just totally didn't like him, so no point in reading a book where I don't like a single character in a book.Sorry but bad boys don't beg the idiotic female for a chance to innocently flirt with her while she's still with her boyfriend, and being fine with the fact that she sleeps with him and all.PS: When a character in a book does one certain action over 150 times (in just one book!!!), that is called bad writing ;)I'm guessing the author couldn't think of any other reaction for Kiera to have on absolutely everything except for her to blush.Little diversity could've been nice. Just sayin'.Anyway, Thanks Rach and Shelly for reading this with me, and sorry I didn't like it :(