Color of Loneliness

Color of Loneliness - Madeleine Beckett Wow. I started this book thoroughly disliking it (present tense writing), but it really grew on me :DHere's me through the book:0%10-20%30-40%50-70%80-90%100%Well, I ended up really liking it, even though there were some things that bugged me and I hope they'll be a bit different in the next book “Damn it. You really piss me off, you know that? Why can’t you go back into the house like a normal person? Come here,” he growls as he leans down and scoops her small body up off of the cold concrete floor and cradles her to his chest.The storyMyra can't stand working with her ex and his girlfriend, with which he cheated on her, and after a near breakdown she decides to move away to Nyssa, where she has a house left to her by her grandfather after he died. She has no family left, and is almost constantly depressed, until her house starts falling apart. Literally. She has no options left but to call the contractor and start repairing almost everything :DIn comes Dylan “Fuck,” he yells again. “Goddamn roof,” he bellows as he starts to try to move off the hood.“Wait. Don’t move. Are you hurt anywhere?”“Of course I’m hurt. I fell through a fucking roof. Are you stupid?”A man with terrible people skills, who manages to be angry ALL the time. He has no patience for her or her house, and is pretty bitter with his life, so most of the time he just scowls at her :DDDMyra can't help but notice his good looks, but still doesn't like him one bit.But... there is the whole house waiting to be repaired...And they'll have to see each other very often...Can you guess what else?...They'll be falling in love