Wicked Nights

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter This is my first book from Gena Showalter, and I reeeealy liked it :) Actually I think this is my first PNR involving angels (as main characters), and I find I like that too :)Aaaanyway, "up there" there are armies of angels who protect humans and fight against demons on Earth. Zacharel is in charge of an army of angels that nobody wants XD They don't follow rules, break them all the time, have no discipline, and are a second away from being expelled from "up there". This is their last chance to redeem themselves and not become fallen angels (lose their wings and live as humans "down there") XDZacharel is basically emotionless, after the death of his brother he lost his heart so to speak, he doesn't value human life as he should, and for that he is punished with the army.Annabelle, wow she is great, she had a tough time in life and doesn't let anybody walk all over her. When she was 18, a demon killed her parents and claimed her as his own. 4 years later she is in a mental institution, was convicted of murdering her parents, and everyday fights demons who only she can see. And so comes Zach, he instantly senses a connection between them, and reluctantly frees her from the hospital.And man, the first half of the book is so amazing! Zach fights his attraction, doesn't even understand it, and Anna fights with him all the time XD He's so funny, has no clue about anything hahah XDThe second half is still great, but you just lose all that cause there is demon fighting all the time. The ending was nice