Breaking Point (I-Team Series #5)

Breaking Point - Pamela Clare *re-read, July 7th, 2013.*“Forgotten about you?” He caught her chin, forced her to make eye contact, his gaze flashing anger, then slowly going gentle. “That would never happen. Never.”Oh Zack and I will never forget you too! This book was just AMAZING! And I am so incredibly stupid for giving up on this series after book one. So, so, so very stupid The storyOn the way to a journalism convention in Mexico, Natalie's bus gets stopped by the Zetas, and they kill every Mexican reporter on it, while Natalie gets kidnapped. Zack is being held by the Zetas and tortured for information, and his cell ends up right next to Natalie's. Even though he'd given up on himself, he still tries to help her get out any way he can, so they make a run for it together She thinks he's a criminal, involved in drugs, while he's in fact a deputy U.S. marshal, but he can't tell her that, of course The most of the story is them running through Mexico, trying to get home in one piece, and I totally loved it! It was full of action from page one, lots of torturing, killing, running, having sex, falling in love, running again, getting saved, having sex some more and so on She met his gaze again. “Please don’t let me down, Zach. I do not want to die out there in the desert.”He drew her into his arms and held her close, partly to reassure her and partly because he couldn’t help himself. “If you die, angel, it means I’m already dead.”NatalieShe has a sad story in the background which I'm not going to tell because you just have to read it in the book. But what I will say, it involves a dead fiance, and she never got over him. She finds herself in a cell, faced with possible rape and murder, and her only salvation could be the criminal next door, Zack They manage to escape, but there's still the worst to come, going through the desert toward the American border She trusts him, even though he's a criminal, and they get attached pretty quickly. I really liked her, and the attitude she had with Zack when he told her they can't be together ZackHe is a deputy U.S. marshal, working undercover, and been almost a week in Zeta's hands, being tortured. He knew it was over, that they'd kill him soon, but then came Natalie. He just couldn't give up, and did everything he could to get them out. *swoon* He is just magnificent! I can't say how much I adored him He is still troubled by his time in the Afghan war, and is basically blaming himself for being alive Natalie's the one who shows him he is worth it Oh yes, one more thing Zack is not a man of many words, but he seems to like one in particular when it comes to Natalie can you guess? Yes, it's "beautiful" Babs, I'm gonna kill you, every time he said it I was in laughs Here's one of my fav Zack quotes, love his inner monologue "She looked up at him, a hint of uncertainty in her eyes. “I’m probably not very good at this, but I want to taste you.”The idea of his erection in her mouth shorted out his brain.“Okay,” he said, stupidly.Okay? Holy hell, McBride, you stupid idiot!It was more than okay."The ending was just a wee bit sweet for me, but the action before it! Wow. I had tears in my eyes! One of my fav scenes is with the car bomb. Tears there too. I guess I'm an action slut, cause I loved every minute of it here Just a great book, so glad I read it, now I'm definitely going back to the previous books even though I broke my own rule of reading out of order *second read, buddy with Rach