Naked Edge (I-Team Series #4)

Naked Edge - Pamela Clare Pleeeeeease please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease......can I have a Gabe of my very own?I'll be a good girl, yes I will! I'll even jump off a cliff so he can rescue me! See? I've got it all planned out! I'll even get some deranged badass villain to try to kill me a few times just so I could end up in Gabe's apartment, with him looking over me Whatever it takes, he's.. just... THAT... good You know, sometimes a badass heroine is great. She can kick the bad guys' asses herself, doesn't need constant rescuing by the hero and all that stuff.BUT.Sometimes I just love to read about a normal girl, and the hero actually having a chance to be one, rescuing and comforting and taking care of her and being the shoulder to cry on and all. It gets me all swoony In this book, we get the vulnerable girl, and the bravest and selfless of heroes, just the perfect combination