Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10)

Lover Reborn - J.R Ward "He waited for his conscience to start screaming.He prepared himself for an overwhelming desolation that he had been with another female.He was… ready for something, anything to cough up out of his chest—despair, anger, frustration.All he got was the sense that what had just happened was the beginning, not an end."Lover Reborn is a heartbreaking story, even though it has a happy end.Watching Tohrment and his suffering, trying to let go of Wellsie... It was sad and beautiful at the same time, because of what he found with No'One. It was a slow romance, full of sadness, but I loved it all the same.This one definitely goes to one of my favorites from this series! The storyThe only thing keeping Tohr alive is his obsession with avenging his wife's murder. He is focused only on killing lessers, and is getting weaker and weaker as the days go by, because he's stopped eating and feeding.Lassiter is the only one that can get to Tohr, and he's doing whatever he can to help him, because he's here on a mission to free Wellsie from the In Between.After seeing how Tohr reacts to No'One, he gets a brilliant idea to get those two together :DIt works, in a way, but at the cost of both Tohr's and No'One's feelings.They will have to get over their pasts, and make a new future for themselves...“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, feeling like he wanted to return the favor.“You won’t. I know you are still in love with your mate, and I do not blame you. What you had with her is a once-in-a-lifetime love.”“What about you?”“I have no need or desire to take her place. And I accept you just as you are, in any fashion you choose to come to me. Or not, if that is the way it must be.”The story - The previous book was pretty much insta-love, and this one is as far from insta-love as you can get.Very slow in the romance part, and I prefer it that way, otherwise it wouldn't be believable. It took Tohr a lot of time to find himself again, and that's great, as I said, totally believable :)This book is really about letting go of the loved ones, and moving on with life, and it was done wonderfully, it was difficult and heartbreaking, so very sad, but beautiful in the end.There was some action here, but not much. A couple of intense scenes, especially the ambush one.The characters*will be spoilerish!!!!!*Lassiter - He has a big role in this one (yay!!!), an angel sent to Earth to redeem himself, he has to free Wellsie from the In Between, and for that, he has to make Tohr move on with his life and let her go.Of course, that isn't as easy as it sounds, because Tohr's suffering is too great, he loved her too much to let her go.Lassiter doesn't really do compassion, he doesn't care about anyone, but he forms a friendship with Tohr, and by the end of it, he's willing to do whatever it takes to see Tohr and No'One have a happy end.What he did at the end of the book!