Deadly Fear

Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden What a book. OMG. Best suspense I have read so far, seriously amazing with brilliant writing!Huge, huge, huuuuuuuge rec!!!!It was superb!I was gripping my reader like a lunatic, I am lucky I don't bite my nails cause I wouldn't have any by now :DDThere is always something happening, but the best of it is, I didn't see almost half of it coming! One this was especially a shock and boy, I'm glad this author isn't lovey-dovey with the suspense part, it just makes it more real!And the worst part for me was, I had to stop reading at the scene when they find out who the bad guy is! I almost died, that part was intense and brilliant!The writingYes it is, but obviously not for Cynthia Eden.The woman is amazing!OMG I loved every page here, even the twisted POV from the killer!I think that shows just how brilliant the writing is, because I usually don't enjoy this type of thing :DThe case is complicated, lots of twists and unexpected events, and I have to admit, I did not guess who the killer might be.The characters are so complicated and dark, even the good guys, and I love it!! I still can't get over the fact that I love something like that LOL The killer's POV.OMG. Creepy. Awful.The way he kills.Sick. Scary :( I kinda read those parts with my hand in front of my eyes :DOne was particularly horrific :(But!That just adds to the book, if you can believe it!I hated the POV, hated! But then, it made me more scared about the MCs, about the case, about the next victim, it made it all that much more intense!The romance“Sometimes you want to feel alive. When you see death so much, you just… want to feel alive again.” Being with her had always made him feel alive. Running fast and hot and free. He opened the door and the squeak of the hinges seemed way too loud. “If you wanna feel alive, you know where to find me.”Just like everything else in the book, even the romance was intense.You won't get any mushiness with the MCs, only emotions, attraction, lust and darkness.It was amazing to read about them, even though sometimes difficult, especially with her past and everything :(They are perfect for each other, I just love how they interact through the book, it is all filled with so much sexual tension, and when the sex happens... Amazing :)I just have to say one thing for the end.This book will go to my best of the best, but not to my favorites. It is amazing, such a brilliant book, but I KNOW I will never read it again. It is too intense, and one go through this was enough for me.BUT it is still one of the best books I have ever read so it has to go to my best of the best :)So, to every suspense and thriller fan out there, this is a MUST READ!Hell, even for those of you who aren't, give it a shot because it's worth it!