Sweet as Sin

Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley DNFThis book is just a big WTF for me. I don't get what I'm supposed to like here, but it's definitely not making me want to read it to the end. Sorry to all the fans of this book, don't lynch me or something, if you feel you'll be offended by this review - just don't read it :DAnyway, the book starts with them meeting and the HUGE attraction between them hmmmm I can't say sparkles, it pretty much explodes. And it keeps exploding every time they're near each other. I guess the writing style doesn't really do it for me, because the constant flirting drove me insane!!! It wasn't just the normal flirt here or flirt here, it was over the top to the point that they didn't manage to have a single conversation normally, it was all full of outrageous statements from him, all low and seductive and rumbling. It just drove me insane.So, they meet, they kiss, they agree to have a purely sexual relationship, I think this was the second day they knew each other.Yep the second day. Next thing you know, she sees him talking to a woman in his back yard and goes super-jealous, goes out with a friend that makes John super-jealous.That was the end of day three I think :DHere's a quote of what happens when John comes to her office to ask her about that man (I remind you, they know each other only three days).John glared at her, his lips white around the edges.“We have to talk.”Anger turned his eyes almost cobalt and, despite her agitation, she found them hypnotic. “Livvy, I really think you’d prefer I say what I have to say in private.”She flipped on the light and motioned him in with a steady hand. He stalked past her, turned and waited for her to close the door.The instant the latch caught, he roared. “Explain to me what you were doing last night.”He growled and stepped into her personal space, towering over her like a drill sergeant. “Did he touch you?”The question was torn from his throat.This was after THREE days and TWO kisses between them.And I'm supposed to like that guy?Hm I don't know. Some characters can pull off the being a jerk thing, but for me, John just ended being UBER-WEIRD!Later that day, after a kiss and an orgasm, Livvy goes to John's house and talks to his sister. Just to remind you that they've known each other for 3-4 days now. Only kissed a few times, and she got off on his fingers :DDDDD“Murphy’s a grown man, Gina.”“The question is, is he your man?”The bold, direct query sucked the air from Livvy’s lungs. Was John hers? No, he wasn’t. They had something between them, something more than sex. She didn’t know exactly how much more it was. They hadn’t gotten that far yet, but oh, how she wanted to. Scuse me?????? You know the guy for three days!!! You never had a single conversation with him if it wasn't filled with flirting all over the place. You never even had sex with him, but you know you both have something MORE than sex between you??? When did that happen? In an alternate universe where time flows slowly and people talk telepathically so I somehow magically missed it??????And on top of that, his sister Gina realises John cares for Livvy (after the three days), you wanna know how??? He knew the color of her eyes!Look, I know he’s not an easy man on anything but the eyes, but he’s worth it. You mean something to him and I don’t even think he knows it yet.I mean, maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't say stuff like that to a woman my brother met three or four days ago. Anyway. I was WTF the whole time while reading this, maybe I should've swooned at those scenes, sadly I didn't. It was just weird and over-the-top trying to be sexy and flirtatious.