Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1)

Beyond the Highland Mist (The Highlander Series, Book 1) - Karen Marie Moning This is quite a rant, I'm not usually up for writing bad about books, but I gotta voice my opinion on this one, sorry KMM fans, don't take it personally. I will continue reading her stuff though :) Just hope the stories will be better than this one.Spoiler alert ahead!I've watched a lot of soap operas, and this book was just like one. And a bad one at that. I just couldn't like it much. The writing style was ok, this is a new writer for me so it took some getting used to, but I didn't mind anything about it.The story - well that was the biggest problem. You know, when you watch a soap, at the end of every episode there is a :O moment. The main pair always ends up fighting about some terrible misunderstanding, or some bad guy tries to off them or something... Well that was basically this book from the start. Every single scene between the H/h, if it started good, ended bad, there were sooooooo many misunderstandings I can't remember them all, more than I have fingers on my arms AND legs. When there wasn't a misunderstanding in question, there was a bad guy/woman to stirr things up and make trouble, or attempt a murder or some blackmail or another form of badness. I think there was just one scene, only one between H and h that didn't end in a fight or in any bad way, and that was when they had sex for the first time (might I mention, the only sex scene in the novel, not including some foreplays that were waaaay sexier than the actuall sex). Oh yes, and in the story the hero got 2 potions from a gypsy. One was an aphrodisiac, and another some viagra alternative that leaves a man up for hours and hours. You'd think that was a good thing? Noooo. He uses the viagra stuff, but doesn't have sex with her because it made him feel distant from her, not emotionally involved, so he goes away and suffers till it warns off. Then she drinks the afrodisiac and becomes horny as hell. But noo, he can't have sex with her because HE didn't make her horny, and untill he does that - no hanky-panky. So I guess now you'll know what I mean about every freaking scene not ending as it should. Always some stupid excuse for it to go bad. It drove me crazy.The heroine was irritating as hell. I couldn't stand her. The main problem is that I just couldn't relate to her in any way. She hates beautiful men because her ex was beautiful and he did some awfull things to her. OK I get her, hate the ex. But he didn't do those things because he was gorgeous. He was just bad. And to hate all men who were good looking because you had an experience with a good looking man is just silly. I couldn't get that. So she helped a lot with those scenes that never ended good, because she ruined 2/3 of them all by pushing Hawk away because he's so gorgeous (hmmmmm no comment)The ONLY good thing about this was Hawk. I actually liked him, even though I cannot understand how he could fall in love with a woman like Adrienne, but hey, each to his own. I fell in love with Scottish Highlanders a long time ago, and I love them still, so Hawk holds a soft spot for me here :) Although there wasn't much brogue here except for some "aye" and "lass" involved, I hope it'll get better in the next books. It's just too bad for a character who's hung like a horse (literaly, she really does say that in the novel and the heroine sees and thinks he really is horse-like-hung) to have only one sex scene. I expected some more (yes I'm bad I know, but still, it tickled my imagination XD)So, I guess I'll follow the advice and move to book 4 lolSorry again for the lovers of this one, I just couldn't help myself XD