Sweet Temptation (Sweet Series #4)

Sweet Temptation - Maya Banks There were maybe 50-80 pages of an actuall story here, and that part I really liked, after the big action after they got the bad guy, the ending vas very nice. Everything else in this book was sex. And I didn't like it much. Threesomes can be hot, I've read a few and liked them, but here... oh boy, there was a fivesome in here lol I don't even know what's it really called, but it was just awfull to read, Micah shared her with some guys, and when I say shared, I don't mean then had sex together, no, they had sex TO her, it was like Angel's open buffet, eat what you like, do what you like with her because she is mine and I can do what I like with her (???) maybe I don't get it, dunno, but I read the book with Damon, that guy is into slave kink, but most of that book was so good, it was like he worshipped her even though she plays the slave part. Here, I didn't get that, Micah just got off on the fact that she is "his" and he can do whatever he wants with her. Didn't like it at all.