The Darkest Hour (KGI Series #1)

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks Well, this was my first non-BDSM Maya Banks, and I really liked it!I am definitely going to continue with this series, and I'm especially looking forward to book 3! The story is about Ethan and Rachel, getting a second chance in life, literally.It's been a year since Rachel's death and Ethan is still grieving, a total mess. One day he gets an envelope with loads in pics and information that leads him to believe his wife might be alive and held hostage somewhere in South America.Lucky for him, he has a whole family in the covert operations business, and they set off to a rescue :)Well as you can suppose, the rescue works and they bring Rachel home.The rest of the book is all about the emotional aspect, their marriage, her memory loss and addiction, and basically A LOT OF CRYING!!!!Now here is a RANT coming, if you loved this book like crazy, don't read it if it'll offend you :PI liked the book VERY much, but this just bugged me!**spoilers ahead**Anyway, when I heard about this series, and the fact that it was romantic-suspense, I was all happy because I recently discovered the genre, and love it!I was feeling in the mood for some action! And the guy on the cover looked like he could deliver! The series is named after their kick-ass business!I got one action scene right at the beginning, and two car scenes, won't tell you what kind, it'd be a spoiler. Or hmm maybe there were three car scenes????Anyway. The suspense part of the book SUCKED! Big time! The guy on the cover did NOT deliver! The heroine basically saved herself in the end!!!!!You know what was the rest of the book?Crying.She cried all the time. He cried all the time. His mother cried. His father cried. The orphan girl cried. I can't remember correctly, but I even think some of his brothers cried.The only character that didn't cry (or was overly emotional) was Steele. He's the awesomest!!This book was totally off with the genre thing. Ok there was a bit of a suspense, but it pretty much sucked. It wasn't romantic at all. It was EMOTIONAL and melodramatic. They were constantly suffering about one thing then another thing, then crying again, then getting closer, then crying some more, then getting apart, then crying some more (and when I say crying I mean BOTH of them, ALL the time). That is not romance. BUT!!!!!Even with all of this, I managed to love it! I loved that it was emotional, and the relationship between them, I loved Ethan like crazy and I love that they managed to figure everything out.I am just a bit frustrated because this was NOT what I was looking for, it really doesn't fit into the genre. OK, rant OVER!Sorry but I just had to say it cause it was THERE and it bothered me like crazy.If you like your books emotional, then you'll LOVE this one!If you're looking for a romantic-suspense book, look somewhere else.And my lesson with this book was: