Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling Series #3)

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh This one was AWSOME Unlike the previous books, in this one the hero was the Psy that needed to get in touch with his emotions I so totally loved it!Judd - he'd defected from the Psy with his family, and the wolf pack took them in. What they don't know about him is that he's an assassin, working for the ressistance. They don't like him much, nor do they trust him. Even though he's been out of the PsyNet for a long time, he hasn't broken his barriors and keeps a tight hold on his emotions. He feels a bond with Brenna, and she is the only one who can touch him, even though it goes against his nature to allow it. Brenna - her story is really dark and difficult, I really felt for her. She was kidnapped and brutally mind and body tortured for days. It took her a long time to recover, but still she sought Judd for support, when she needed affection he gave it to her, even though it cost him. After another murder in the wolf lair occurs, they become closer, and it puts Judd's life in danger because he can't withstand emotion without his brain going down, and Brenna's because he could unleash his inner killer he keeps trapped with the Psy control.They were such a tortured pair, and it took forever for them to get together, but it was worth it And in this book we get to see more of the wolf pack (Hawk ) I'll have to go and see the H/h for the next books