The Darkest Pleasure (Lords of the Underworld, Book 3)

The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter "He was dark, she was light. He was anguish, she was innocence. He was wrong for her in every way, and yet, when she looked at him, his entire world felt right."Another great book from the LOTU series, finally we get Reyes's story and it was awesome :)))Danika is still on the run from the Lords, and now even from Hunters who are trying to capture her.Aaeron's demon has taken over him and wants nothing else than to kill Danika's entire family, so Reyes and the other Lords have to keep him restrained until they figure out how to break his bloodlust.After Lucien finds out that Hunters have taken Danika, the Lords decide to free her, and Reyes takes her under his protection.Even though there is a possibility that she's actually a Bait, Reyes doesn't really care and he protects her from everyone :)The real plot starts when they find out Danika could be the key for finding the lost artifacts and the Box.Danika is willing to do anything to save her family, even if it means betraying Reyes and the Lords. After so much time on the run, she's made sure she is able to protect herself the best she can. She has a special ability (I guess all of them do), and it is something she isn't aware of, but what could be the key at finding the Box :)Anyway, she is drawn to Reyes and feels safe with him, even though he's one of the Lords, and after finding out which demon he has inside of him, she wants to be the one who takes care of his pain eheheheheheh-------------------------------Well Danika is a great character, I really liked her :D Oh and my favorite parts with her were when she was jealous ahahhaha that was awesome, and later on when she wanted to hurt Reyes while having sex because that was what he needed :))) the knife in the shoulder scene was epic ahahahhaHe is possessed by Pain, and only feels pleasure when he hurts himself.For months now, he ca't get Danika out of his head, and is obsessed with protecting her from his friend Aeron who wants to kill her.After rescuing her from the Hunters, he can't stay away anymore :DHis demon wants Danika as well, and he's afraid he'll get her hooked on giving and receiving pain like he did with his previous lovers, but Danika wants to give him everything he needs, awesome woman that she is :)-------------------------------I loved Reyes, I really did, from the first book and in all three so far :)Most of all I love it that he's so smart! OMG I was so glad when he figured some important stuff pretty early on and all by himself! The scene when he's in the bathroom masturbating with the help of a knife, and she catches him ahahhahahha OMG best scene in the book :DDD“Hate you,” she said, wishing she meant it.“I know.” He whispered directly in her ear, his warm breath traveling inside. “Sleep now, angel. You are safe. I will allow nothing else to happen to you.”-------------------------------“I did come here to find a woman,” he said.Danika bit the inside of her cheek, blood filling her mouth.“I found one,” he added.Motherfucker! The curse echoed through her mind, white-hot, searing. “I’m so glad,” she gritted out. “ I hope the two of you had a fun time.” I hope she gave you an STD and you both die from it!-------------------------------No one threatened her family and lived. And Reyes was her family.Well, these books just keep getting better and better, and I'm really glad for it :)This one was great, the story pretty interesting even though there wasn't much happening until the second half of the book, but still :)The romance is amazing, Danika and Reyes are a great couple and I loved the slow build of it through the book :)Aeron is still "meh" for me, but I'm thinking it'll get better in the next book because of what happened here :)I have a suspicion about Torin and Cameo, in the last two books they were spending a lot of time together and even laughing!! And she is very protective of him and he of her. I am very curious how their relationship will work :))))William is awesome, a great side character :))And I am probably the only person ever who has read this series but doesn't fell a thing about Paris/Sienna relationship.I don't know why, I feel bad for him, but I don't really want him with Sienna, nor do I buy the whole love between them, well him only actually. I guess I am weird that way. Oh, and I can't wait for Gideon's book!!! ahahhahaha that one is gonna be awesome, I'm thinking :DDDI think that is it hmmmm Anyway, really liked this one, can't wait for all the others :))))