Hot Ride

Hot Ride - Kelly Jamieson “Fuck,” he muttered, fisting a handful of her hair and yanking her against him. She gasped, and he knew his erection pressed into her softness. “Let’s just get this over with.”Once upon a time, there was a magical place on the internet named Goodreads. And on that place, a lot of people gathered around and talked about books :)Now, I won't be telling you a story about all those people. No, this is a story about Blacky, and her brave voyage through the land of to-read books, her incredible jorney through reading Hot Ride, and how it changed her life...One day Blacky logged in on the magical Goodreads site, and saw a recommendation from her dear friend Vishous (don't be fooled by the name, V is not a terrible ogre, she is a sweet pervy lady).The book was called Hot Ride, and the title itself was enough to get her interested, but then... She saw the cover. Oh yes, it was a sad day in Blacky's life, the cover being khm, not so good, and out of courtesy, she said she'd read it. Someday. Some far far away day.Time passed. Blacky continued to visit the magical place called Goodreads, make new friends and read an unhealthy number of books.Then out of nowhere, another good friend, Steph, said she'd like to read the book too. Now, what to do? Steph proposed a buddy read, where they would gather in a ritualistic circle and discuss everything they experience while reading the said book. Vishous wanted to join in the ritual, so poor Blacky had no choice but to agree on reading the book with the oh so khm, bad cover.Dear readers, you have to know that Blacky had absolutely no idea about anything in the book, except for the title and the khm, bad cover.She was extremely surprised to discover that the story was really interesting right from the beginning! It was about Sera Manning, trying to infiltrate a biker gang in hope to catch a big drug dealer. Sera came into a bar dressed as a skank, and decided to seduce the most good looking guy in there. Now, at that point Blacky was having heart palpitations because of the description of the guy, and his hair. Yes, poor Blacky developed a fixation on the hero's shoulder-length silky dark hair, and his good looks, and his sexy talk, and the fact that he was a good guy, another agent trying to infiltrate the biker gang! This was another surprise for our Blacky, because the main story is one of her favorites! The H and h were supposed to be pretending to be a couple, and later were supposed to be living together! After a few happy dances, Blacky managed to get herself together and continue the book.The chemistry between Sera and Ryan was incredible, and she just couldn't wait for their first kiss. Then they kissed and it was so hot that she couldn't wait for them to have their first sex! Then they had sex and she couldn't wait for them to have it again and again!! And they did it again and again! After a few cold showers, Blacky continued her incredible journey through this hot book, and managed to read it to the end without self-combusting!Back at the ritualistic circle of friends, everyone was talking about the book, and Blacky joined them. She shared that she absolutely loved the hero and his hair, and that some things were a bit weird (the heroine had an experience which was... well let's just say that it would be normal for a pnr, but in this book, Blacky just couldn't see it fit). Some of the scenes with the drug dealers were boringish, but she somehow ignored most of it thanks to all the incredible hot scenes between the protagonists. Blacky's path in this story took a nasty turn at one point near the end, where she wanted to b*tch-slap the hero for doing something utterly unforgivable!!! Utterly!!!Somehow managing to enjoy the end of the book (because of some more hot scenes of course), Blacky realised that this was a great journey through sexyland, longhairland and the best of all, magical land of Goodreads that enabled her to read the book at all.At the end of the road, Blacky stood watching at the sunset, and thanking the friends who read this book with her, most of all Vishous, for seeing beyond the khm, bad cover, and recommending this book to her!Blacky's voyages continue even now, you may keep track them on her profile or through her updates...So long!Here are some quotes from the book that Blacky prepared :D Read at your own peril :D"The chemistry between them was all too real, whether either of them wanted to admit it or not, and while they could use it to their advantage, they also had to be damn careful things didn’t get carried away. Like Sera. Over his shoulder. His hand on her ass, carrying her up to their room.""Every minute, with violence and sex surrounding them, they were on edge, putting on an act, hyperaware of everything going on around them. It was only natural that it would get to them, and maybe they did just need to take the edge off, to let loose with a screaming, toe-curling orgasm. Or two.""Hell. She kept saying she could look after herself and he was beginning to believe her but even so, even though she’d knocked him on his ass, he found himself feeling unaccountably and annoyingly protective toward Sera. Dammit."And some dedicated to his hair