Ice Queen

Ice Queen - Joey W. Hill DNF at 43% This is me at the beginning of the book:After reading two sex scenesI just have to say that the writing here is absolutely brilliant!I enjoyed everything I read except the sex scenes, and that's because they were just too much for me to handle. I enjoy reading BDSM, but I guess I'll have to stick to lighter stuff, or not with these kind of scenes in them. Here's a spoiler of what bothered me, just so you know before you start if you can handle it or not.It started out really great! Loved the scene in the tea house, WOW! Awesome! There is a scene in the club where she brands a sub. It didn't bother me at all, can't believe it :DWhen she came to his house, the scene when they were in the chairs :D That was really great, and later when he fed her. Me likey :)BUT, at one point he said to her that he'd be gentle and slow with his training. Well, he didn't stick to his promise, that's for sure.This is what freaked me out:He wanted to shave her, so he tied her to a stone bench, legs, torso, hands, neck, head, everything. Ok, that's not so bad right? But he put on her a full head mask that left only the opening for her mouth, he inserted a tube in her mouth, turned the table she was on upside down and put her head in the water. While he shaved her. She could only breathe through a tube while having several orgasms. This scene did not leave me hot, no matter how many orgasms she had. It left me scared and freaked out.After the shavinghe dried her, she was exhausted, couldn't even stand, he brought her to the bed, tied her to it, and went down on her for 90 minutes. She of course couldn't come because every time she got close he'd put a handfull of ice oh her and then go all over again. After a while he put the ice IN her every orifice, well, except her mouth. And finally she begged and came.That other scene wouldn't be that bad, would be even hot, if the man let her to rest dammit! If it happened the next day, it would be great, but this just bordered on torture. Still don't care how many orgasms she had. Torture.I'll still try some of her other books, hope they're not all extreme like this one. And BTW, this is just my view of things, I know most people who read BDSM find this normal/enticing, but it just freaked the hell out of me.