Firelight: Number 1 in series (Darkest London)

Firelight - Kristen Callihan This was great :) Paranormal wrapped in a historical setting, with a gothic feel to it :) A new combination for me, and I really liked it :)The beginning reminded me of "A Rose in winter", it's very similar, both heroes wear masks and are rumored to be vicious murderers. In both novels they pretty much force the heroine to marry them, there was actually an identical scene where they eat at his house after the wedding, actually she eats and he doesn't because of his mask, it was like, identical. And in both novels there are murders which are linked to the masked character and he's accused of commiting them. But there it stops. Archer is really disfigured (although it's not known what is it that he hides behind the mask untill almost to the end), and he has a craving for murder which he constantly fights. He's powerful, fast, and doesn't age like ordinary humans. Miranda has a gift (or a curse lol), she can control and make fire with her mind. I liked them both as a couple, Archer has been in love with her for three years before their marriage, and even though he knows he shouldn't involve her in his dangerous world, he cannot resist having her in his life. The attraction was excellent, even though most of the time Archer was fighting it, sometimes even Miranda, fearing she would hurt him with her gift.The best thing about this was the mystery, and what it turned out to be. I LOVED the fact that it was something new, I didn't expext it, sometimes I thought he was a vampire, then a werewolf, then I really didn't know what he was supposed to be lol, and I'm so glad the author created something different and didn't recycle some classic pnr creature. The only thing that was missing here was the explanation of Miranda's gift. It just said she was born with it and that was that. I just wish the author made something up, like she was a druid decendant or something XD (there are druids mentioned in this book so it would make sense XD)Can't wait for the next book, the hero was in this one, LOVED him