To The Edge (The Bodyguards)

To the Edge - Cindy Gerard I could not put this book down :D Cindy Gerard is definitely going up on my favorite authors list. "How good are you?" she asked point-blank, bringing his head up from the counter where he was cracking eggs in a bowl.The sudden silence was so huge it felt like a physical presence in the room, electrifying the air with its energy.Before her eyes he transformed from Mr. Sensitivity to stone-cold killer."No one's getting past me, Jillian."The storyJillian has been getting death threats, but hasn't taken them seriously. Well, not until one night, when she finds a man in her apartment, who terrified her to death, only to discover he was sent by her father to be her bodyguard They can't really stand each other, but he's willing to finish the job, and she can't get rid of him So, the suspense part was great I literally couldn't put this book down, read it like crazy There were lots of suspects, and I admit I couldn't guess who was responsible, even thought I doubt anyone could :D The ending was... hmm... I don't know, maybe the bad guy was just too much of a maniac/crazed/insane whack job of a person, but it didn't bother me much, I was just happy it was all over JillianShe's an anchorwoman, and a very strong character. I really liked her. There were times when I thought she'd do the girl thing an burst into tears so the main guy could comfort her and all... Nope :D Well, maybe one time But mostly she deals with the sh*t as it comes and doesn't get too hysterical :)I just loved her in one scene, wow, it came as a surprise that she'd actually see right through Nolan, but she did I was wowed by her reaction :)NolanHe's a war hero, and of course, had a troubled past, involving a friend's death and thinking himself responsible for it.He doesn't really want the bodyguard job, but he had to accept it because of his family's business. Now he has to deal with a woman who awakens too much of his passion, and irritation They fight ALL the time, but underneath it all there's an incredible sexual attraction :)Most of the time he's acting hot/cold, one moment wanting to grab her and kiss/f*ck her sensless, the other moment acting like a complete jerk, pushing her away. I kinda understand both reactions, but hell, I wished he'd do something more instead of always doing the "right thing".Good question!To those of you who like loads and loads of sex scenes - you would be dissapointed. I'm very sorry but yes, only one sex scene. BUT! The sexual tension and attraction were through the roof! Their chemistry is amazing, and I can honestly say I didn't really miss the sex much :D The sparks between them were enough to keep it hot, and I think the lack of constant sex made the story and suspense better :)My rating: 4.5Why the .5?Well, for one, the ending with the killer, it would be better if the insanity was just a bit toned down :)The second thing... and this was really ridiculous beyond anything, or maybe it's just for me, I don't know, but I couldn't get over the fact that he called his penis "Skippy" Sorry, but no.Anyway, my final impression of the book:Am I going to read every single book by this author?