Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1)

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) - R.L. Mathewson Here's how it all went for me...1. I started reading the bookThe first thing I read was the Author's note that said she won't make cliffies in this series.Dear Author:2. I started reading the actual book LOLFirst thing you have to know is that I had absolutely NO IDEA what the book was about. So everything was a surprise, especially when I finally found out what it's about.Shocker!!!! 3. I met ShayneHe is the bestest ever :D I seriously love that guy, he's hilarious and can't wait for his book!!!!!4. TristanFirst of all, I love the name. LOVE!Second, I love that he was a jerk. LOVE!He kinda changed in the second half of the book but I'll talk more about it later :)But overall he was great :))))5. MartyShe was Ok but pretty irritating in the first half of the book :(Oh well. 6. The feel of the bookThis book had me goingvery often :DOverall I really enjoyed it, but it is kinda confusing considering the book totally changes in the second half, it's like those are two books merged into one. Just totally different, even the characters are totally different, it's like it had no connection with the first half :(But both parts have the good stuff, like meeting Shayne's family :DD even though confusing, it was still fun :D7. The endingThe last bit of the book made me cry :(((But it was still a wonderful ending, with a teaser for the next book!!! I can not wait!!!!!!!8. OverallThis is more a 3,5 star rating, but I'm rounding it to 4 because I absolutely loved the beginning and almost all the first half of the book, and the ending made me cry and it was great too :)))I am definitely going to continue with the series and can't wait for the next book to come out :))))*buddy read with Rach, Shelly and V*