Safe Word

Safe Word - Teresa Mummert A three star review. Is there anything worse to write?I'll just try to explain everything.Ok, this book is pretty short, so whatever I say will pretty much be a spoiler so I'll just stick to the basics.1. The storyis about a guy who kidnaps a girl for ransom for two weeks.That's it, if you know more, you'll spoiler yourself ;)2. The charactersColt is ruthless and doesn't care about the girls he's kidnapping.Lily is a nice girl that doesn't deserve it.3. The romanceNot insta-love in this case, the MCs know each other already.4. FlashbacksThere are flashbacks to both MC's pasts and it explains a lot and makes you feel sorry for them/love them.5. Overall feel of the bookWell it's pretty darkish considering he keeps her locked and is pretty much terrible to her.BUT!The last 30% totally change with the feel of the book and it's my reason for lowering the rating.6. The sexUber-hot. Seriously. Loved it, even though they are just TOO SHORT!So please author, please, write longer sex scenes!!!!7. What I liked in the bookWell I am not a big fan of dark reads and this is a bit darkish, not much though, but I was surprised that I really liked that part :) I loved that the main guy was a jerk and the way he behaved toward the girl and everything! The sex between them was uber hot, especially because he's so damn dominating and bossing her around and *sigh* 8. What I didn't like in the bookWell for starters, the sex, even though very hot, was extremely short, I blinked and the scene was over :(((( I am shallow enough to admit that this would get a bigger rating if only there were more/longer sex scenes between them (before the sweet part of the book)Anyway, this was a 4 star read for me until I got to the last 30%.Why did I drop a star?The feel of the book totally changed. It got too sweet for me.Now, I know this sounds strange coming from someone who loves sweet, but in here I didn't, because I liked the dark feel of it and I wanted more if it I guess.I guess the best was to explain it would be this:You watch a horror movie and suddenly it turns to a Meg Ryan chick flick.I am not a fan of horrors, but when I watch one, I get into it, and to get Meg Ryan at the end of it would be a serious disappointment even though I love watching Meg Ryan movies, but when they're all chick-flicky, not just half of the movie.I hope you got what I meant :S9. OverallThe book is good and the writing is very good too, the characters were great, and the flashbacks helped to get into their heads and all.The story/plot is very interesting too, plus the little sex scenes were hot, so with all of this I would've given it a 4 star rating :)I explained why it's going to be a three, but that is just my personal mood that got off while reading it and I don't know how it would be for anyone else :((((10. HmmmmI don't know what else to say, but I just had to make one more point because it would just be weird to stop at 9!!! :DDDDDThat's it from me