Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1)

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde Horse is in the house!And he's badass! He's big! He's rough! He's a biker! He's a jerk most of the time! And he's best known for...“Oh my god…”It was huge. I mean, huge. Not just long, but thick and hard and flushed bright red so it looked almost angry. It curved up, wider in the center of the shaft before narrowing under the ridge of his head....“Told you why they call me Horse,” he said. I dragged my eyes away to look at his face, reading satisfaction mixed with his desire.“They make condoms that big?” I asked, halfway serious.“You’d be surprised,” he muttered.I heard the song yesterday and KNEW I had to make a remix for Horse :D Britney Spears - ToxicBLACKY - MASSIVEHorsey, can’t you seeI’m ridin'A guy like youShould wear a warningIt’s dangerousI’m screamin'There’s no escapeI can’t waitI need a f*ckBaby, give me itYou’re dangerousI’m lovin’ itToo bigCan’t go downBut you pushAnd spin ‘round and ‘roundOh I feel you nowWith the size of your d*ckI’m on a rideYou're massive but slipping in meWith a taste of your horsey paradiseI’m addicted to youDon’t you know that you’re massive?And I love what you doDon’t you know that you’re massive?Britney, I think my version is better!I loved this book so much, it was beyond awesome