Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban This book has a false title! The real one is: Read & Become obsessed with Ty and Zane!I just felt like I should warn anyone who's thinking of reading the book :)Hello, I am a Ty and Zane addict. I have been an addict for 3 days now, and I'm trying not to cure myself. It's not very easy, considering I have only 5 books more to read, and then I'll go through withdrawal. I guess I'll have to do massive re-reads to keep my addiction. It's not something I'll want to get rid of How my addiction happened? Read the story of a journey of one woman, reading about two men falling in love. Try not to cry very much, and fan yourself when it gets too hot. The storyTy and Zane are two FBI agents, forced to work together on a serial-killer case. They are complete opposites. Ty is rough, doesn't follow any rules and doesn't care about anything. Zane is a serious guy, trying to save his career and is looking forward to a promotion, instead he got Ty The instant they meet sparks fly all over. They have the most amazing chemistry! Even though they spent half of the book bickering and fighting, it was there all the same. While I'm mentioning the fighting - there was a scene when those two actually fought, as in - kicking ass, and WOW even though the scene wasn't actually sexual, they were pretty much beating each other, it was SO HOT or maybe I'm just so bad Aaaanyway, back to the chemistry, it was building and building and then came the first kiss - BAM! Supernova! I haven't read many M/M sex scenes (yet ) but that one was HOOOOOT!I won't go further than that with the story, it'll ruin the surprise when you get to it, but I'll just say that Ty and Zane are some of the best characters I've read. They are complex, with actuall problems and conflictions, dealing with addiction and PTSD, and their attraction I just LOVE them Why 4 stars? The story was kinda bad, not that bad but still it got on my nerves sometimes And the bad guy - I knew it from the beginning who it was, and was he just terrible BUT, I'm continuing with the series (gotta keep my addiction, you understand), so I'm looking forward to better mysteries and plots :) And, of course, more TY and Zane *pardon my emoticons, I'm addicted to them too**edit: I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars after I listened to the audiobook. It was just THAT good!!!!!*