Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick, #6)

Rock Chick Reckoning - Kristen Ashley I didn't think I'd ever have a KA book rated 3, but this one sadly has it :( I loved loved loved every single RC so far, but this one came short. Why? Probably because it was supposed to be a Mace/Stella story, but it ended up being Mace/Stella/Indy/Lee/Jet/Eddie/Roxie/Hank/Jules/Vance/Ava/Luke's story. Every other chapter there was a switch in the point of view, we get to see every single Rock Chick so far and how they're doing, it's like a very long epilogue XD Mace and Stella have such a beautiful story, but it isn't the highlight of the book, and I'm very sorry for that. There should have been more of them. I mean, I love the old characters, love love. But in their own books. They suffocated Mace and Stella, and I think those two deserved to be in the spotlight.Now it's time for Hecror *rawrrr* Hope he'll be in the spotlight :)