Bonds of Trust

Bonds of Trust - Lynda Aicher I liked this one, not very extreme with the BDSM, and that's great :) Sometimes the scenes just freak me out, but luckily everything was fine here :D The storyCali applies for membership at an exclusive BDSM club, and Jake (one of the owners) is there to interview her and decide if she's suitable. Of course, he's intrigued by her from the start, and once she opens up a bit to him, he realises he can't allow anyone but himself to be her guide in the BDSM world Cali is fascinated by Jake, and once he gives her a taste of real pleasure, she knows she can't go back, or she'd get emotionally attached to him. Jake wants more from Cali, atleast more than one night, and he does everything he can to get her to come back at the club CaliFor years being in a marriage without passion or sex, she had finally divorced, and gathered up the courage to explore her sexuality. Being dominated is what she craves, and her husband just couldn't understand that. So she tries the BDSM club. Jake is the one who shows her that's she's in the right place, and she finally experiences real sexual and emotional pleasure. I really liked her character, felt sorry for her actually, and was glad when she finally found someone she trusts to take care of her (Jake) I even understand her actions at the end, and how she reacted, it's totally understandable JakeHe's affraid of commitment and letting anyone close (aren't they all ) but he realises he just can't let Cali go. He tries everything just to convince her to return, and to stay at the club. At times Jake seemed like a sexual therapist heheheh and the one who heals with sex LOL but yes, he helps Cali to better understand herself, and her desires. Really liked him because of that. But then came "the incident". Hmm. Not liking him at that point. That is to say, his reaction to it all. This book was very good, the story and characters, all up until "the blasted incident" happened. That was just too much. Too big of a coincidence that it would actually happen, and that it was the thing that drove them apart. And after that, the whole getting back together thing, too too too sweet and full of endless declarations of love. Yeah, it's OK, one time would be enough to me, but saying it over and over and over again? Just too sweet and mushy. So, if this book ended before the incident, it would have 5 stars from me. But the incident and the ending both took it down a star so it ended at three. Shame really. BTW, can't wait for Dek's story :))))*ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*