Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found, #1)

Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found, #1) - J.M. Madden A sequel to [b:The Embattled Road|16283298|The Embattled Road (Lost and Found, #.05)|J.M. Madden|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1354976843s/16283298.jpg|22386578]This was such an amazing book I loved it! And I can't wait for the new ones to come out!!!! I must read Chad and Duncan ASAP!!!!!!The storyThis is set six years after the prequel, The Embattled Road.The Lost ā€˜Nā€™ Found Investigative Service is doing well, having lots of cases and recruiting more war veterans.John, Chad and Duncan have moved on with their lives, and are as close as brothers :)The plot here is actually about Shannon, who works as their office manager. She's had a crush on John for ages but he only sees her as a friend (or so she thinks ).One day she sees a Pepsi can in her house, one that she definitely didn't drink, she gets freaked out and calls John :)With her two suspiciously flat tires, and now the Pepsi, they realise someone is stalking her, probably the same man who went to jail for attacking her brother a few years ago. That leaves John moving into her house for surveillance, and the two of them getting closer...The suspense part of the story was good, dealing with the stalker dude and all, but for me the spotlight went to the emotional part.I was dying to read Palmer because of the prequel, and what he went through, and the book totally delivered on that point. But I'll talk about him a bit later :DThe writing here is great, we have a few sex scenes and a lot of emotional struggling, and I loved it :)The characters - we get a quick view of everyone, even a few more characters that I hope will get their own books :D but John is the one that shines through in this book :)The only thing that didn't work for me (and that's why the 4 stars) was the constant crying from the heroine. Well, not really crying but having "tears in her eyes". In almost every scene in the book, for some reason tears come to her eyes and it goes on and on, sometimes two times in one scene the tears come to her eyes, you'd think she'd cry and get it over with but no. Oh well. For some reason it bothered me, and even though I absolutely LOVED everything else in this book, it was just wonderful, the tears made me give it a star less. I actually counted LOL, this is a pretty short book, but the word "tears" appears 42 times :) so you can imagine...I have to admit, before I started these, I was really hoping that the wounded heroes would get their recoveries, and in this case that John will lose the wheelchair. But this book just made me realise that in real life, there ARE wounded people who never recover, who learn to deal with the handicap, and who are just as normal as the rest of us.This book was realistic in that way, and I applaud it. It's just how it was meant to be, everything between them, and the ending. I wouldn't change a thing :)Shannon MurphyShe's had a crush on John for ages, and now that he's in her house, things are finally picking up between them :)She has this crazy stalker, but luckily the LNF men are there to protect her :)I really liked her character, especially her conduct with John. She didn't see him as handicapped or disabled, but just like any other man. She didn't let him feel sorry for himself, or inadequate, and basically, she's just the right person for him. They complement each other perfectly :)John PalmerI can't say how much I love this guy