The Embattled Road (Lost and Found, #.05)

The Embattled Road (Lost and Found, #.05) - J.M. Madden "It was hard to convince somebody who had never been cared about that you actually cared." This is one of the best non-romance stories I've read. Well, maybe I'm not the right person to say that because I ONLY read romance, but the fact that I read and LOVED it must mean something :) The Embattled Road is a short story about:War, and how it changes your life.Three soldiers, met in a hospital, that formed a great friendship.Dealing with one's handicap, and accepting it.Moving on with life, and making the most of it.What this book made me feel:I'm not a fan of war books. At all. I'm not a fan of WAR! But then, who is :(Even though this is a story about American Marines, dealing with issues I'm not extremely familiar with, in the end, I saw those three friends as soldiers. Nothing more, nothing less. There are soldiers in every country, and war almost everywhere.I hate it. But it happens. People get hurt. I hate that too. But there's no way to stop it :(Reading about how they got their injuries... That was tough. I saw the gruesome side of war, and what they went through, and I hated it.Reading about their recovery... Inspirational. It takes strength to endure that, and to make peace with a handicap. It takes character, and those three soldiers have it. Definitely.Reading about them forming a friendship... It made me cry. Yes, I am weird, that was the part that made me teary-eyed. Well actually, it was about 50%, when one soldier asked another not to commit suicide. Reading about them moving on with their lives... Well we get to see each of them outside of the hospital, healing and dealing with their lives. It kinda made me want to cry again. Or maybe it was just my hormones or something LOL!The ending And now I just want to say... This was too short. I'd happily read a longer book just about these three friends, even without the romance. I know this is not a very detailed review, but this is short, and I didn't want to spoil anything for the possible readers. I just wanted to tell you how I felt about the book, and that I recommend it, even if you don't like to read about soldiers. It's just amazing.When the orderly came to wheel him out, Duncan rolled himself forward to stop beside John’s chair. Reaching over, he gave the man a hug, slapping him on the back as he pulled away. Chad wedged in on his other side and they reversed the process, holding just a minute longer while both men got control of their emotions. Duncan fought back his own tears as they locked arms, all three of them.“This isn’t the end,” he told them. “It may be a while, but we’ll get together again, and next time we’ll kick ass.”