Raziel (Fallen (Pocket Books))

Raziel - Kristina Douglas I LOVE fallen angels, well, they don't even have to be fallen, just angels is enough for me :) But I didn't like the vampire/angel combo in here, it just doesn't go together in my head. But OK, I got used to it and the story was good, but nothing special, Raziel and Allie were good, but again, nothing special, I didn't root for them to be together, I just read so I could finish What I did like - the story with the angels, a whole new view to it, with an archeangel bad guy, and the fallen ones trying to free Lucifer to lead their army :) I think Lucifer might even be a good guy in all this lol, so I really liked all that :) I'm off to read the second book, hope it's better :)