Angel Betrayed

Angel Betrayed - Cynthia Eden Yes you have!This book has such a perfect bad-fallen-angel anti-hero, OMG!He is bad. He doesn't care about it.He doesn't plan to change, it's just the way he is.She wants to kill him. She doesn't care what it'll take to do it.I've been thinking how to write this review and I realise this is gonna be a gushing one, and probably totally idiotic because I just want to say this is BRILLIANT and I completely and totally LOVE this book!One of the BEST PNR books I have ever read! Seriously!THE WRITING STYLEI just have to. Cynthia Eden is such a brilliant writer, I am so glad I started reading her!The writing is intense!There is ALWAYS something happening! Always!And everything is explained so well, we get bits and details along the way that it isn't overwhelming, it's easy to follow the story, and still have huge fun with the action and romance.THE CHARACTERS This is the MAIN reason for my 5 star rating.They are uber-dimensional. They do things that aren't good, sometimes to each other. They have tough decisions to make, and they both have tough personalities.But most of all, the main guy.SAMHe's like the fallen angel mob boss of the demon underworld :DEveryone is afraid of him, with good reason.He ALWAYS has a hidden agenda, he is incredibly smart, and doesn't regret anything he's done.I fell in love with him in the first book, even though he was pretty much a bad guy there, and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE the author for not changing his personality!Usually when there's a bad boy who gets his book, he turns good, redeeming himself for his sins, blablabla, a lot of suffering and "poor me what have I done" yadda yadda thing.Sam stays in character, because he has such a strong f*cking character!!!!!OMG how I love him!I don't want to say more so I don't spoil anything for you, but seriously, he is at the top of my PNR males.Exactly because he's an anti-hero.The ending was so intense, I was crying and reading like a crazy woman cause I couldn't stop until I saw how it finished and it was AMAZING!So people, I am giving a HUGE recommendation here, HUGE!Because this is so amazing, and my review sucks but I don't know how else to explain it without giving much away :(I have to say though... READ THE FIRST BOOK!!!!!before you get to this one.It is VERY good and Sam has a HUGE part in it that you'll just have to see and understand before this one. All the books from this series are connected and I wouldn't recommend reading out of order.But PLEASE! This is just not to be missed!