Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling Series #11)

Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh How can I read a teaser like that at the ending, and remain mentally sane until the new book comes out?? My mind is just frozen right now, but I'll try to sum up my feelings about this book:The story: Riaz and Adria are two dominants in the wolf pack that can't stand each other. Riaz eventually gets tired of Adria's hostility and confronts her, but it turns out he didn't actually want to know the real reason behind it - she is terribly attracted to him and vice versa. Riaz, having found his mate and losing her at the same time because she's in love with another man, considers their attraction as a deepest form of betrayal (). Adria, after spending almost a decade in a destructive relationship, doesn't want any more heartbreak and doesn't want anything with Riaz. Mmm-Hmm, that's gonna happen After some time and stuff happening, they decide to have a "friends with benefits" relationship :)The romance:Where do I start? Good idea, very good idea with those two, but in this book they just weren't the focus, AT ALL. They didn't have that much page time, and it would've helped with their relationship. As it was, there was nothing spectacular going on between them. First they hated each other, then started a FWB relationship, became very close and so on, and then they were just going back and forth with the "I'm not your real mate, we shouldn't be together". It went for too long. Just got on my nerves a bit The one thing I loved about those two was Riaz and his approach to their relationship. Basically, he figures right from the start that they have something special, even though she's not his mate. He trusts her like no one else, and wants to have a real bond with her, a commitment. Adria is the one who always said no, but he was persistent through the entire book, he literally NEVER gave up on them even when she broke things off for like a thousand times. So again for him :)The other characters:In this one, we get to see everyone from the wolf pack, all the couples from the past books and all the supporting characters :) There are lots of Sienna/Hawke moments , almost as much as the main characters :) The Psy guys were there and I'm guessing the ones that appeared will have their books too XD Can't wait :) The overall feeling about the book:I just had the feeling that this was goodbye to the wolf pack Every single couple appeared from the previous books, they had a happy moment and some things were resolved, and it all seemd like wrapping it up with their stories. In a way I understand, the wp was in focus for the last 3 books, where almost wasn't a peep from the leopards (I kinda miss them), so I guess the story will take a turn here. And the background story, the Psy Net, Vasic, Kaleb, Aden, Alice - it just got more and more complicated! And I want to know everything - NOW As far as it seems there will be atleast 3 more books (I hope so); Kaleb, Vasic and Aden (if they all end up alive hahah) and I bet that Alice will end up with one of them :) Can't wait And so ends my campaign of reading the Psy/changeling books I am happy I started this series because it became one of the best I've ever read :) Nalini Singh is freaking amazing with the world she created, and I know I'll keep reading this series no matter how many more books there'll be (but I still hope it won't go for too long)I want to know who is in the next book so badly damn!