Wish List

Wish List - K.A. Mitchell -This was part of the Red Hot Holiday anthology-I really enjoyed this short story The storyJonah finds wedding rings in his boyfriend's desk and panics, thinking Evan will propose. He's not sure if he wants to make a permanant commitment, and there are so many things he hasn't tried yet, and doesn't know how to approach the subject with Evan.Evan is worried about him, seeing him distancing himself more and more, and doesn't know the reason for it... Until he finds a list...Jonah made a list of all the stuff he'd like to try in bed, to be more precise, BDSM stuff And so Evan starts to be more dominating, and Jonah tries to work up ways to tell him what he wants :DIt was a nice idea, although some parts were a bit far-fetched, but OK, this is a short story so I didn't expect anything mindblowing anyway :D Loved the parts with Evan's family, and the ending was pretty nice too :)The charactersI liked both of them, Evan slightly more because he was more sure of his feelings when it came to Jonah. I could tell they loved each other and it was sweet, but sometimes Jonah got on my nerves because of the wedding freakout, but oh well, he got over it and that's the point, right :DThe sex was hot and yummy I have to say, not extreme in the least just a touch of bondage and dominance :)All in all, a very enjoyable holiday smexy read *ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*