Saving Grace (Mad World, #2)

Saving Grace (Mad World, #2) - Christine Zolendz Blacky - a young woman in search of the book of her lifeSavingrace - uber-hot and famous book, separated from Blacky for months, a tortured soul disappointed in lifeEvildude - the bad guy, no explanation necessary*written from Blacky's POV*Once upon a time existed a book. Fall from Grace was the name.Legend says it had a really, really hot guy in it.His name was whispered in the shadows and passed through generations of horny teens as a sex symbol.The story and romance were rumored to be amazing, set in a paranormal world, with main characters as fallen angels.Wanna know how I know all this?I was one of the people who actually read that book.And I am here to tell you the story of how I found the sequel, and what that book put me through...I found myself trapped in a heavenly library by Evildude who is set on separating me from my one true book soul mate, Savingrace."You will never read that book, Blacky! I burn for you, we are meant to be together!!," roared Evildude with an evil glint in his evil eyes!I got in his face and screamed with all my fury at him, "NEVER! My soul may be bleeding and my heart may be crushed and splintered into a billion little pieces but I am strong enough to defy you! I will save all my love for Savingrace, so back off, moron!"Evildude turned his evil eyes at me. I could tell he was being in an evil mood because of his squinting.Damn. He is gonna talk some more."I have waited for you for ages Blacky. You don't understand my passion for you Blacky. Yes, I obviously have to repeat your name in every sentence because you are too stupid to figure out who I'm talking to, BLACKY." He turned away from me and I saw him shaking. "Mwahahahahaha", he evil laughed at me."I will destroy your Savingrace and even you if I have to! If I can't have you, no book will!"With that, Evildude turned around and left me staring at a wall, thinking of my Savingrace and feeling my heart splinter again into a billion little pieces and my poor soul bleed again until I was left completely emotionally ruined.I woke up sitting at a library, surrounded by thousands of books and with my mind full of confusion.Why did Evildude want me? I just couldn't understand it.I couldn't stop thinking of finding my Savingrace, but then, I couldn't stop feeling hurt by Savingrace either.After all this time searching for each other, Savingrace obviously didn't feel the same as I do. I felt betrayed. My heart broke because my love for Savingrace was not returned.I'd decided to hate Savingrace for not wanting to be read by me with the same force as I wanted to read it.After a couple of hours of thinking about the subject, I decided to move on and read other books. Why save myself for my one and only book, if that book doesn't feel the same about me?Off I went, looking through the covers and blurbs, trying to find something interesting.That was when it happened.I saw Savingrace tucked in the wrong shelf, surrounded by books of the wrong genre.It must have been torture.Even though I now had my Savingrace, I could not let go of my anger and betrayal enough to read it. My poor bleeding soul and broken heart just couldn't allow me to get past the fact that Savingrace did nothing to somehow get to me. It's not that I'm unreasonable but seriously, do I have to do everything????And so I went to my living room to look at my book, because even though I couldn't read it, I was happy to know it was there and it was AMAZING to look at. I mean FANTASIC!!Anyway, the first thing I saw was a friend of mine, holding Savingrace. And reading it!"What are you doing?," I screamed while my heart was being torn from my chest and completely stepped upon until it was totally dead and not beating anymore but I somehow managed to magically survive the ordeal."How could you do this to me?," I whispered while cold tears went down my cheeks to show I was incredibly sad and heartbroken."I thought we had something special, and you are letting someone else read you!," I screamed at my book. Yes, I really love screaming at everything.I could see the book was trying to explain but I didn't want to hear it!I have the right to get angry at someone for not having any choice to control a situation, and I have every right to not listen to any explanations and stay completely angry at that person till the end of time!Savingrace was torn by my outburst, I could see it, but at that point I didn't really care. There are other books to read.Even though I decided I would never forgive Savingrace for letting anyone else read it, I still couldn't stop thinking about the damn book.Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the book really couldn't help it!I grabbed my backpack and ran home so I could talk to Savingrace ASAP!I was so excited that I didn't see my huge bookshelf when I was entering my living room, and I ran right into it.That left me covered with books, and with Savingrace standing on my desk, with a look full of rage and betrayal, and heartbreak and a whole rainbow of emotions that are very difficult to explain."I... No, it isn't what you think...," I uselessly tried to get out of the situation, but to no avail. Savingrace was uber-angry, I could feel it's rage across the room.It made my heart burst from my chest and shatter into another million pieces, and pain blossomed in my chest because it all felt SO BAD!!!Savingrace shut her pages and turned from me.It broke my heart all over again.And so, after another ten or so situations where either myself or Savingrace completely overreacted and screamed a bit at each other, and of course I forgot all the tension between us, the wanting-to-read-but-can't situation, we decided to try it out, and see how it goes.Only, our bliss was interrupted by Evildude!!!BUT! I will not tell you what happened. Well, I got my happy ever after with Savingrace, having finally read it, but then after being so irritated by the characters I simply could not love it like I thought I would.It was just not meant to be.But then, I have heard whispers...I feel it in the water...I feel it in the earth...I smell it in the air...Shane's book exists!!!!!!!!!!!