Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #1)

Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #1) - Kristen Ashley This was a strange read :S I actually had nothing against ghost, was looking forward to some eerie stuff in here, but I read it and don't really know what I got XD Cash and Abby were great, the stars go to them, but the story is kind of silly, especially the ending, the last 100 pages were packed with the "anti-ghost action", running here, running there, thrown around the room, being in mid air, some more ghosts, reunion with lost family, gaaah just too much of everything. Maybe KA spoiled me with her other works, but this one didn't hold me at all. I just read it to be finished with it lool. 3 stars are for Abby and Cash and their romance