Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2)

Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) - Kristen Ashley I just feel so bad This is the first KA book that I didn't adore, and where I skipped pages just to see the ending *gasp* Sylvie - she was GREAT! I loved her and the fact that she was a badass! I wish there were more tough heroines like her I really felt for her, what she went through, she waited for him and he didn't show up, and everything that happend with her after that - just awfull. But sometimes I just didn't understand her actions, considering everything and all, after she found out about the kids names, I mean what???? I wouldn't forgive him for that, and even before he explained it to her, they ended up having wild sex and making a schedule for more Seriously? I just don't understand that So right after all is explained, she pretty much stops being a badass O_o Sure, there was one scene with some action near the end but that was it, I just stopped feeling her as a tough-ass b*tch working for a pimp.Creed - He was pretty much anoying from the start and I didn't seem to be able to make myself love him like the other KA heroes even after all was explained. He was OK I guess, but just OK.Romance - I'm a sucker for it, and in this book there virtually wasn't any, well only in the scenes when they were kids/teenagers, but that just doesn't count cause it isn't the present and that won't make me like the new Creed and Sylvie. Seduction? Not here either. They just went directly for sex and didn't stop doing it till the end XD Sexual tension? Nope, not here either, as I said they just skipped that right for the sex. I get that this was supposed to be erotica, but I've read some erotic novels myself, and some left me hot and bothered (that was the point right?), but only if I could connect myself with them. Sometimes, one touch, one look, a word is enough so you feel the chemistry between the main characters. With 6-7 orgasms you just feel they're exausted The story was good, there were some very intense moments (mostly Sylvie, cause she's the only one I was able to connect to), the shock after she finds out what happened, that was horrible, when they fight because of the kid's names (before the sex), all her nightmares were just awfull. But right after the time they finally got together and figured things out, it got boring for me. I guess I wanted more angst or something, or just them not being together so soon lol, yeah I'm messed up XDSorry KA, I love you and all your books, but I just didn't feel this one like I did with the others