Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley This one doesn't have 5 stars from me. It has 5 hearts One of the best KA-s I've read so far :)) Simply beautiful. The story - Both Chase and Faye are investigating his wife's murder. He does it in his free time (as in - in the middle of the night on his own ), she does it with her own geek squad over the internet Faye is worried about a little boy who comes in her library and steals books, and after she sees him beaten, she goes to the police, and she and Chase begin working together to find the boy.Faye - I loved her, I think she's my favorite KA character so far! She's shy, loves her books, watches great TV shows, she's been in love with Chase ever since he moved into town (years and years) and she wants to help him move on. They were beautiful together , and it was great the way she stood by him, making him realise he's not in the dark, and that he's a good man no matter what he thinks.Chase - WOW. I cannot say how much I loved him. He is one excellent character. He's convinced he's sullied by everything that went down, being a dirty cop and forced to marry a woman he despised. He has secretly pined for Faye for years, always thinking she's too good for him. And although he had 2 seriously wrong jerkish scenes with her (poor Faye), the rest of the book he was the epitome of swoony, loveable, sweet, vulnerable, but still of course macho badass type of guy :) LOVED his connection with Miah Overall - One of the best KA stories I've read. The journey they both took, Chase to find redemption he doesn't actually need, Faye to embrace his demons and help him heal, it was just beautiful :)I noticed that this was a bit different concerning the love scenes. Different being - they were actually love scenes, not just the usuall sex in various poses XD Liked that very much, in a way it connected me more to the characters because it was something special :)I remember when KA was answering questions here at her fan page, someone asked her why her heroes never, and I mean never ever cry. She said it would have to be something special. And I'm glad she did it here. Chase had his moment and I cried with him It's nice to see that even the tough alpha male can be vulnerable at times, and that's why I love him even more.Favorite scenes- Chase and Faye dancing to "Drift Away" in her appartment