Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling Series #5)

Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh Wow. This series just keeps getting better and better Best book so far, loved it!Ashaya appeared in the last book, and I was crazy to find out what happened to her. This book is her story, what a mother would do to protect her child, and a terrible choice she must make regarding her psycho twin sister. She's the best developed female character so far. I really loved her. And wow what a spine she has she's incredibly strong as a person, having broken Silence many years ago, she had to act emotionless with perfection, anything less would mean her and her son's death. She managed to run away from the facility they were holding her in (what an escape ) and came across directly to Dorian. She couldn't get him out of her mind since that night when they met, and it took every effort to remain calm in his pressence.Dorian - My he's something HOT! Loved him too :) He's really the tortured soul in this one, close to the edge, driven by a terrible hatred for the Psy, and self-hatred for not being able to save his baby sister from being tortured and murdered. The first time he sees Ashaya, he's instantly attracted to her, and hates her and himself for it. He's convinced she's a total Psy, with no feelings to her son, only for her own self preservation. Still, despite all that, he tries to seduce her, to get her out of his system, and soon realises she's not what she seems...Those two together - they were amazing, very emotional, I would say the most emotional couple yet, or maybe it's just me, don't know, but I really felt them, even leaked a tear or two at one scene, boy was that sad when he finally admits to her about his sister's death and that he feels guilty about it The story was great too, her sister was UBER CREEPY , also an amazing character.So the final verdict is 5++++ stars Off to the next one