Mine to Possess (Psy-Changeling Series #4)

Mine to Possess - Nalini Singh A very good addition to the Psy/Changeling series, Mine to Possess was a great read that just underlined this series as one of the best in my "read" list Clay and Tally knew each other since they were kids, and their bond was created through friendship, and later through Clay's act of protectiveness, him killing her foster father and saving her from further abuse and eventually death by the sick idiot.Tally witnessed the murder and was mentally scarred by it, and eventually became terrified by Clay himself.After 20 years, Clay thinks Tally's dead, untill one night she appears and asks him a favour.Their relationship was difficult from the start, Tally was terrified of him, and he was furious because of that. Even though Clay knew they were meant to be together, he still couldn't forgive her for faking her death and making him believe she was dead for so many years. Tally was still affraid of him, but most of all, she couldn't forgive him for leaving her alone after that terrible night (he went to jail) so they were up and down then down and up all the time XDXD The story was good, like always, love the world the author created, even the bad guys are interesting and I love reading their plots and how it all ends :) 4 stars all in all, it was just that something was missing in their relationship, the constant "does he love me, we can't be together, did she forgive me, did he forgive me, why aren't we mated, I want to be mated, we're mated but she doesn't know it" and stuff like that The subplot in this one was about Ashaya Aleine it got me hooked, looks like her book is going to be great