Branded by Fire (Psy-Changeling Series #6)

Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh Wow. This was the sexiest book so far, with the strongest characters I know it's stupid to read a series and say for every new book that it's your new favorite, but I just have to This one is my new Psy-Changeling favorite Riley and Mercy were fan-fucking-tastic! A luitenant and a sentinel for two opposite packs, they couldn't stand each other even though there was a massive sexual attraction in the equasion. In the beginning of the book (and my, this was a shock to the system), I think it was chapter one or two, Mercy is going crazy, the last dominant male from her pack got married, and she's frustrated both sexually and emotionally, because she can't get involved with someone weaker than her, and the rest of her pack (males anyway) were exactly that. So she goes to blow off some steam and ends up having wild monkey sex with Riley, from the wolf pack. The problem is, they can't stand each other, she's a cat and he's a wolf, and they're both dominants in their pack. I love the way their relationship went through the book, it started right away, there was no 200 page seduction that ended in 1 or 2 sex scenes XD There was lots of action in this one the problem was the fact that they are from two different packs, and their mating would require for one of them to leave their pack and station. Mercy was great, so strong, she was definitely NO pushover (thank God), and I love the fact that she didn't bow to everything Riley said, they fought all the time, and were equal in everything The story outside their relationship was a bit weaker than those before, but it was good, we got a bit more insight in all the other characters, and bad guys too. I wonder what was Nikita's deal with the book? Could she have some feeling for her daughter after all? And there was the Hawk and Sienna problem I simply can't wait for their book . I wonder what is an X-Psy and who the hell is that Ghost dude