Life After Joe

Life After Joe - Harper Fox "I didn’t know what I was to Aaron, but to me, he was—oh God, so much—warmth and life, proof I could, despite all post-Joe expectations, find it in my heart to fall in love again."“Come in. For God’s sake, come in and…f*ck my brains out.”He put his hands on my shoulders again.“I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my time,” he said quietly. “But I’ve managed never to screw someone as drunk, stoned and fucked-up as you.” Amazing! I just finished and I still don't know what to say except that I want to read more about Matt and Aaron A beautiful and emotional story about moving on, and getting over one's partner."Oh God. That look would finish me. There wasn’t a trace of pity in it. It was searing compassion: hot, wordless, man-to-man. “It’s all right,” I tried, aware that though my voice was steady, huge tears were hitting the knees of my jeans, a flood I hadn’t given permission to start and was completely powerless to stop."The storyMatt and Joe were childhood sweethearts, they've always been together and loved each other... Up until six months ago when Joe left him for a woman with whom he had an affair for two years.Matt is of course devastated, he still loves Joe, and can't get over it.Mostly he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, drugs, clubbing and meaningless sex.One night in the club, after an intriguing and terribly attractive oil rigger Aaron refuses him, Matt gets kicked out and attacked by muggers, only to be saved by the oil rigger himself :) After that, Matt can't stop thinking about him, and after some ups and downs in his life, he sees him again, and they start a relationship...This quote just broke my heart I said, the truth on my lips before I had time to censor or pull up. “I…think I tried to kill myself last night.” It sounded absurd. I couldn’t take it seriously. “It’s all right.Nobody noticed.”“Matthew,” he repeated fervently, and put out a gentle hand to my face. He brushed his thumb across my lips. “Thank God it didn’t work. Thank God.”My thoughts on the story and charactersI can't say too much because I'd be spoiling the book, it's pretty short :(I really, really don't like to pick up very emotional reads, I'm more of a happy book kind of gal :D But this one totally worked for me. It wasn't angsty, it was pure and simply emotional. I felt for Matt, and I know what it's like to be in his shoes, like I suppose mostly everyone would. I understood how deeply he must have felt for Joe, and how he couldn't deal with it. And we got to see how low he sunk until he finally realised what was happening to him, and Aaron was a huge help in that department :)There is the healing process here too, and it was so nice to see him letting go of Joe, finally, and moving on with his life :)Aaron... I just love that guy. We don't get to discover much about him until the end of the book, so I won't talk about it, but we DO get to see his personality, and it's just beautiful :) All the things he does for Matt, and how he behaves with him... UGH I just can't say any of it LOL :D But he's just a great great guy :))))There was a moment near the end where I wanted to kill someone (Joe), but that just added to the book in my opinion :D The ending could've been a bit less dramatic, the oil rig thing, but I still totally loved it :D And the REAL end had me in "WTF, it's over, I want MORE!!!" :D "I had never been so glad of any pain. I didn’t know how to hold him, how to get my arms round him tight enough."I totally fell in love with the characters here, and the story. A wonderful journey from sorrow to happiness :) I recommend this to all readers who like their books emotional :)Just a great read.