Muscling Through

Muscling Through - J.L. Merrow “You must’ve been waiting for someone like me to come along,” I said. I meant, because of the big bed.But Larry looked at me all funny and said, “Yes, I think I was.”This book made me so happy The first chapter got me laughing like crazy, and my smile stayed on for the two-three hours it took for me to read this Books like these make me wish I knew English better than I do, because I just don't know the words to describe this book. It was just amazing. And totally different!The storyI loved it! The beginning! OMG I don't remember the last time I read such a good introduction to a book, it had me laughing from page one :D Such a great idea for their first meeting , Al and Larry's paths cross in an alley, where Larry mistakes Al for a mugger/rapist :DHe's scared sh*tless, and begs Al not to hurt him. Al doesn't really understand why Larry's so afraid of him, thinking he must be drunk or something. The dialogue in this scene, OMG I coludn't stop laughing! Al kept saying stuff that Larry misinterpreted and that got him even more scared Here are one of my favorites :D"I tried to give him his wallet back, but he had his eyes shut again, so I put it in my pocket. I think he needed to get to bed. “I’m going to get you home and in bed,” I told him.He wasn’t walking too good, so I put my arm round his skinny little waist. I could have snapped him in half. “I could snap you in half,” I said, and I smiled so he’d know it was a joke, but he still had his eyes shut.""He was standing by a knife block with this big knife in one hand and a phone in the other. I thought, he’s going to have trouble trying to dial one-handed. “I’m calling the police,” he said in this funny high voice.I didn’t get why he wanted the police, but the knife in his hand was shaking all over the shop, so I went and took it off him before he could hurt himself." Anyway, Larry soon sees his mistake, and after he apologizes, they go on a drink and soon after that, they hook up :D won't say any more, if you want to know, read the book :DThe charactersLarry is a sweet guy, and I liked him very much, but the spotlight goes to Al all the way. Don't really remember ever reading about a character like him before, and it was refreshing to see someone different in the lead role.I don't really know how to describe Al to you all...He isn't educated, and sometimes doesn't understand when Larry's talking all smart with him :D He's totally straightfoward, always says what's on his mind in the most direct way.He doesn't get sarcasm and has a very simple view of the world.He can't understand why Larry wants to be with him, and same goes with Larry.He is such a good person, I just loved the hell out of him There was a point in the book where my heart ached for Al, and how he couldn't understand what was wrong with him and Larry but the ending was just so beautiful The only awkward point was the sex, kind of weird to read. Still, even with that, I absolutely loved it! A book that can keep me smiling/laughing out loud from first to last page, and one that made me love the characters so much, deserves a 5 star rating without a doubt