Hot Head

Hot Head (Head #1) - Damon Suede I don't know where to start with this review... First - In my country there are NO hot firemen. Nope. They don't do calenders cause most of them are old lol if there were hotties like Griff and Dante, I'd set my own tree on fire just to have them come to the rescue Second - Before I start with the story and all, I have to say the writing style was something new for me. I mean, I'm pretty good at english, have no problems reading books written in it, but here, swear to God, I sometimes had no idea what some expressions meant, and most of them were related to sex, masturbation, and all kinds of different names for a penis lol my dictionary just got bigger and the sex scenes... very very intense, also not what I'm used to, they were not bad, just different :) Maybe it's because the book is written by a man, so it's a totally different perspective (and I kinda trust he knows better than female M/M writers XD) The story - I actually had no idea what was waiting for me, I remember reading lots of reviews about it some time ago, but I guess I forgot cause all I thought was that this is going to be about some firemen, and a guy in love with his best friend. Well. The porn website got me by surprise. And the stuff they filmed. But ok, I got over it lol The characters - Griff and Dante were amazing! Just wow. In the beginning, Griff was comming to terms with his attraction to Dante, and constantly hiding it. I felt really bad for him, he was under pressure for being in love with his best friend and the fact that he was gay, and keeping it a secret from everyone. Dante was adorable, a real goof I wish there were some chapters from Dante's perspective, but I guess that wasn't supposed to be. Griff was hurting through most of the book, some scenes got me a stomach ache, they were so intense. LOVE the way it all ended, won't write any spoilers, just that there was a perfect happy end They deserved it :) Best scenes: - Griff finds Dante in the hospital after the towers fell (I cried at that one )- the dinner with Dante's sister and her kid, and Griff imagining what their kid would look like