Forever (World of Nightwalkers Series #2)

Forever - Jacquelyn Frank “One day she will be born into a woman who will not fall for your charms so easily,” Ram said.“Oh, I but live for the day!” With a whoop he kicked his steed into motion. Over his shoulder he shouted, “Where would the fun be in an easy conquest?”Amazing book, even better than the first one, and I have to say, it made me want to read all the other Nightwalker series :))))The story *this will be spoilerish to everyone who haven't yet read the first book in this series*In the previous book, Jackson died and became a vessel for the soul of the Egyptian pharaoh Menes, ruler of all the Bodywalkers.Now that the blending is slowly happening, Jackson finds it harder to stay in daylight, and away from the woman who's been in his thoughts for months now, Marissa, the precinct's psychiatrist.Marissa has realised that there is something different about Jackson lately, and she is incredibly intrigued by him.After witnessing a fight between Jackson and another Bodywalker, on top of that, even with a Gargoyle, she freaks out, and it takes everything from Jackson to get her to trust him, and move her to someplace safe, beyond reach of the Templar Bodywalkers.How I liked itIt's about ancient Egyptians. That alone is a HUGE like for me :)The concept is weird, but I have no problem with it, in fact I really love it because it's so different :)So, the two souls in one body thing. As I've said in the review for the first book, it's explained so well, and I've seen that same situation in some TV shows so it isn't uber-weird for me, I actually love this spin on it all, the blending thing. It isn't like one person is there at one time, then they switch to another. They actually blend over time, so Menes, as the Bodywalker, carries in his memory and essence all the souls that he's blended with through the history, and that makes each of them pretty much immortal.And the way Jackson explained it all to Marissa...That deep love Menes feels for Hatshepsut...Amazing :)About the story, I think I expected a bit more to happen here, something like the fight we got in the last book, but yeah, it was still interesting and great :)One thing really surprised me, with the bad guy! Did not see that coming!!!! And I am dying to read Leo's book :) I wonder what angle it's going to have :DDDDDJackson/Menes + Marissa/HatshepsutJackson and Menes are really strong personalities, and I loved seeing both of them, can't really pick a favorite! They both want Marissa, especially Menes, who wants her to carry Hatshepsut's soul.I think I mentioned it, but the love between them, just sounds amazing and I'm sorry we didn't get to see it much in the book :(((Marissa is also strong, worthy of blending with the queen of Bodywalkers, even though she doesn't want it.She's been interested in Jackson for months, but didn't want to act on it, and now that she has the opportunity, he wants her as a vessel for a queen :DDefinitely not a nice position to be in, but I like how the author went through it all, I mean, what it took for Marissa to make a decision :))I loved the ending with these two and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in the next books, because I really wish we could've seen more of Hatshepsut in this book, considering the love Menes has for her and everything. Egypt! Give me more, I am always up for it!Loved this one and I seriously can't wait for book 3!*ARC courtesy of Ballantine Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*