Dance With Me

Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan This was such a beautiful story 5+ stars from me :) Ed and Laurie are complete opposites. Ed is a former football player, all butch and manly, while Laurie is a former ballet dancer, a bit feminine and totally stylish. They can't stand each other, and whenever their paths cross, they end up fighting XD Now I won't go explaining all the plot, but basically Ed asks Laurie for a favour, and in return he has to assist him with his dancing classes. Very soon, Ed finds he really likes dancing, and most of all, he really likes dancing WITH Laurie. Ed is the first one to "fall", but he doesn't do anything about it because he's convinced Laurie would never fall for a blue collar guy like him. And then he got drunk it was actually very very sweet to read Ed with his guard down, acting silly and saying and doing stuff to Laurie he wouldn't do sober. But boy that didn't help him a bit XD Still, Laurie finally gets that there is something between them, and they decide to give it a shot The dancing lessons were GREAT! I found myself wishing I could actually SEE it instead of reading it :) Beautiful :) This was full of emotion, Ed with his neck injury and depression, Laurie with his panick attacks on dancing in public, and together they found a way to get past that, embrace their faults instead ignoring the problems :) Really well written While I was reading this, especially the parts where Laurie was in glitter and tights, and dancing his solos, I had this performance in my head, I couldn't get it out, a beautiful song, and a beautiful dance (although it's F/M lol but I think it could go with this well)The translation is "I want to dance for you my love"Dralion - Ballare