Afflicted - Brandon Shire I really don't know how to write a review for this. I only have 2 words in my mind that would really describe this book:RAW & REALFirst I have to say that the writing style here is superb While reading the book, you get to experience the book, some points of it were so well described, I could actually smell, feel and see everything. The whole world, the characters, their interaction, it's very raw. There is nothing lovey-dovey here. Their sex was raw, and kind of intense for me, Hunter descbribes how he likes the smell of sweat, street and man, and it can't get any raw than that.The thing I loved the most was the world in the book. It isn't sugar-coated. It's very real, and I have to say I'm not used to reading stories like that. This was refreshing :)Hunter and Dillon have a complex relationship, they both have troubled pasts (Dillon much more, I felt so bad for him ) so the ending left me with hope that they willl work everything out considering everything, they deserve to have a big and beautiful HEA I'm not really big on words, don't know how to write beautiful reviews, and this book deserves one, so if you're thinking of reading the book, read this one: you're the best :)