Liberating Lacey

Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun "He could have sat there with her forever, through the rain, through the night, through the rest of his life, looking down the slope of the hill toward the street..."This book made some serious damage to my reproductive organs, but it was worth it! What an amazing book! Great writing! Seriously flammable sex scenes! Fantastic characters! Absolutely bad cover, but I'm willing to go past it! All in all, it was an amazing read, and I'm definitely planning to go through all the books by this author! “Dessert later. After dinner.”His eyelids drooped as his index fingers traced the elastic stretched over her hipbones. “No rules, beautiful. You can have dessert before, during and after dinner.”The storyRecently divorced, Lacey is trying to find passion that lacked in her marriage. Deciding to try something different, she goes to a club and meets Hunter, a cop eight years younger than her, hot as hell, and ready to ravish her in the parking lot Even though he's used to one-night-stands, he doesn't want that with Lacey, and they start seeing each other And by seeing each other I mean having some very very hot sex As time goes by, they get more and more emotionally involved, and that leaves a question; Is it possible for them to have a long term relationship? "She was falling for this honorable man who protected her image at the expense of his own. Falling, and falling hard, despite all common sense and advice to the contrary.""This wasn’t just fun. Somewhere, somehow, without his knowledge—let alone his consent—this had become something more than fun."I loved the story, the whole idea of the heroine being older :D Not many of those around, and in this book it was done really well :) You don't really see the age difference because Hunter is very mature, but there are insecurities from both sides, and their relationship was portrayed realistically. There is a lot of time passing, with ups and downs, slowly falling in love, and it's just totally believable. Just another example of the great writing in this book. "I didn’t want perfect. I wanted you."LaceyShe is divorced. She is rich. She is elegant. She has a beautiful home and influential friends. She moves in high society and makes multi-million business deals. She is everything Hunter is not.And with all those differences there is still something special between them, incredible chemistry and emotions neither of them want to face.She now knew him well enough to know his eyes were the only real indicator of his emotions, as he kept his face under strict control… unless he was making love.Lacey doesn't know exactly what type of relationship she has with Hunter, doesn't demand anything from him, but still wants more. I loved that she was so happy each time Hunter gave her a bit more of himself, and I'm glad that in this story SHE's the rich one, instead of always being the billionaire rich boy set on seduction :DAnd near the end I was so happy that she stuck to what she wanted and that she was ready to take the risk with both of them, that even though there were so many things that were different between them, she didn't want to give up."Lacey hadn’t really asked for a chance. She’d just kind of moved into his life. Or maybe he’d let her in. Did it matter how it happened? She was there."HunterHe's a cop who sometimes works with his dad in the construction business. Hunter never really had a serious relationship, and pretty much sucks at that part hahah but he can't stay away from Lacey and basically just tries to convince himself that their thing is just temporary, that it isn't going to last because she's so rich, she moves in high society, and he can't give her absolutely anything she needs. But they keep seeing each other more and more, and as time passes he starts to have feelings for her he can't even understand."...with Lacey, he couldn’t detach. Kissing meant he had to touch. Touching meant he wanted to crush her under him. Getting her under him meant he had to be inside her, and when he got there the only thing that kept him from losing it and going all caveman on her was the knowledge that he’d scare her to death if he did."I just adore that man! He is so so so so so perfect Hotness personified! Just wow. Best parts about him were when he slowly realised that everything with Lacey is different than what he had before. The sex is more intense, and the woman, he couldn't stop thinking about her. The first time they had sex without a condom, wow it was such a great scene with him "What spooked him was how the lack of a barrier ratcheted up not only the physical sensation but also the pound of his heart, the inability to get air into his lungs."and one of my favorite scenes from the book, after the bad-cop sex when he was in bed with her